Hideo Kojima's P.T., Gaming's Scariest Demo, Is Getting A Big Screen Event


P.T. is notorious for being the world’s best demo for a game that never came to light. Directed by Hideo Kojima, this horrifying interactive short was later revealed to be a tease for his now aborted Silent Hills project. Now, years later, the “playable teaser” will be shown off in its full glory at a big screen event in London this August.

If you happen to be a UK resident – or coincidentally, a visiting tourist – around Sunday, August 12, you can watch a live play through of the now delisted game demo that took gaming by storm. The event happens at the Rio Cinema in London, where attendees will work together to unlock the ending on a theater-sized screen.

This is the full “film festival treatment,” giving people a community experience comparable to cultish screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Room. Daniel Krupa, UK managing editor for IGN, will be present to kick things off. The event is being planned by Loading Bar in conjunction with Rio Cinema management, and sounds like a one of a kind event.

If you’re interested in attending, there’s a £5 ticket charge that also gets you a drink from the Scenario bar, but you can also arrange to get in without paying the charge via the event page. The drink ticket is basically the fancy legal footwork that keeps Konami at bay. If you thought P.T. was scary on your TV, just wait until you see it on a screen this big.

It really is a shame that the Silent Hills project didn’t go off as originally planned, but then again P.T. wouldn’t be the cult classic that it is if it did.