Dead Cells Leaves Early Access Soon For A Full Console Launch


Kill, die, learn, repeat. That's the premise behind Dead Cells, Motion Twin’s roguelike-Metroidvania hybrid which comes out on August 7, 2018. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and will leave Steam’s Early Access program on PC.

Dead Cells will launch with 13 levels, 4 unique bosses, 4 special abilities and 80 weapons and skills to add variety in each playthrough. It also features hidden paths and areas only accessible with the use of your abilities. The PC version will include a Daily Run mode, complete with leaderboards for those that want to compete and show off their skill in the game.

You play as the Prisoner, a human that has a flaming head for some odd reason. He doesn’t speak, and the Prisoner’s head finds his way back to the starting area of the prison after each death. This is a game that you’ll find yourself dying in a lot. But just like in every rogue-like game, you slowly get better, and progress through the game thanks to past experiences and the upgrades you pick up along the way.

Pre-orders are now live and you'll receive 20% off if you decide to pick up the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. The pre-order discount will be available on the Nintendo Switch but will go live on July 18. It’s currently priced at P549.95 for PH users on Steam, but there's no word on whether the price will go up at launch, which is becoming increasingly more common for titles that leave Early Access.

Since Dead Cell’s debut in Steam’s Early Access back in 2017, Motion Twins sold nearly 1 million copies, and will continue to grow by being available on multiple platforms.