E3 2018: Kingdom Hearts III Finally Gets A Release Date


After years of anticipation, Kingdom Hearts III finally has a release date. The date was given with little fanfare, with the official Twitter account revealing it rather unceremoniously just days ahead of E3. Kingdom Hearts III will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019.

As the conclusion to a core trilogy that began nearly 16 years ago, Kingdom Hearts III will focus on the adventures of Sora, the Keyblade wielding teenager and his pals Donald Duck and Goofy the Goof, as they travel through Disney-themed worlds. The third and most likely final installment concludes the saga of the Keyblades.

The thing we're looking most forward to in Kingdom Hearts III is the promise of expanding the scope of Sora's adventures through the inclusion of Pixar-themed worlds. Already confirmed so far are worlds like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. as well as other Disney worlds such as Tangled, Big Hero Six and Hercules.

While Kingdom Hearts III has been in development for years, series creator Tetsuya Nomura previously stated at last year's D23 event that the release was planned for 2018. Then last month, during a Kingdom Hearts III fan event, he foreshadowed today’s announcement saying a release date would be given soon.

We’ll likely see and hear more about Kingdom Hearts III at the Square Enix’s E3 Conference on which is set to happen on Monday, 10 AM Pacific Time or Tuesday, 1 AM Manila Time. Be sure to keep up with us as we publish more stories from videogaming’s biggest event.