E3 2018: Devil May Cry 5 Is Real And Coming To Gamescom

After the big reveal of Devil May Cry 5 at Microsoft’s Xbox presser, Capcom has shed more light on what to expect from the next entry in the beloved series.

Set for spring 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Devil May Cry 5 will focus on the dynamic duo of Nero and Dante in a direct continuation of the story of Devil May Cry 4. A decade has passed, said director Hideaki Itsuno, and as you may have gleaned from the trailer, one of Nero’s arms has been replaced with a robotic prosthesis.

According to Itsuno, Nero has taken charge of Dante’s demon hunting agency, but this time as a mobile operation. But in a tip of the hat to Dante, he’s been gifted the neon Devil May Cry sign which now adorns his van. A demonic invasion in Red Grave City compels Nero to take up the Red Queen and the Blue Rose to fight back.

Capcom also revealed that Devil May Cry 5 will feature three playable characters. It’s anyone’s guess as to who those might be, but safe bets are on Dante and Vergil taking up those slots. More details will be coming at Gamescom this August, but Capcom assured everyone that Devil May Cry 5 will run at 60 frames on Capcom’s RE engine used for Resident Evil VII.

Until then, you can Devil May Cry tears of joy.