E3 2018: First Look At The Surge 2

The Surge 2 is coming in 2019 and we get a first look at the sequel's gameplay during E3 2018.

Deck13 and Focus Home Interactive presented the game in closed doors by a handful of people and less than 3-minutes of gameplay footage was released by IGN

By the footage alone, one noticeable difference is how fluid and fast both the character and enemies move compared to the first game. As you can tell, this is a Souls-inspired action RPG and Deck13 is one of those studios that isn't shy on how their game's foundation is based off From Software's famed franchise. A familiar gameplay wrapped around a futuristic post-apocalyptic dystopia. The first game was a decent alternative that could scratch that Souls itch, and for those that love the futuristic setting. 

During the E3 2018 presentation, a few details came to light on the changes coming to The Surge 2. Amputating machine parts is possible and can either give you parts for leveling up or the option to attach the newly severed part to your character. This is an added element for more complex character builds and will be another reason to revisit past location for specific parts. 

There will be new locations to explore, just like the forest setting seen above. Deck13 didn't specify how varied the locations will be in the sequel but it will be a good departure from the cramped industrial areas found in the first game.

You can now make your own protagonist with the new character creator and they have doubled the weapon types from 5 to 10. Beyond this, the details are scarce with The Surge 2 since its announcement in February, but so far things are looking good for the action RPG that could potentially step out of the shadows created by From Software.