E3 2018: Sony Conference Recap


If there's one thing that's always present in a Sony Conference at E3, it's the live music performance that represents the tone of the game they are about to feature. 

Sony focused on a more condensed lineup of games compared to previous conferences. They start with The Last of Us Part 2 and went into intermission, then started dropping the heavy hitters. 

The Last of Us Part 2

They start the show with The Last of Us Part 2. A scene was played as we see a much older Ellie. It was a lengthy gameplay demo that focused on the battle against different communities. They also definitely did not tone down on the brutality of this work in the gameplay. No infected was present. 

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch devs present an impressive gameplay demo of their upcoming samurai open world game. Set in 1274 Japan, you play Jin Sakai, the last survivor of his clan. 

Control Announced

Remedy Entertainment, known for Quantic Break and Alan Wake, reveal their next game. Here's a quick description:

"You are Jesse Faden, a young woman with a troubled past. You become the new Director of the Bureau of Control – Our frontline in researching and fighting against supernatural enemies like the Hiss threatening our very existence."

Resident Evil 2 Remake

It took awhile to notice what was being shown. But once we lose the rat's perspective in the trailer it was clear. We get our first look at the remake of Resident Evil 2 and Capcom has given it a release date - January 25, 2019.

Trover Saves the Universe Announced

Squanch Games announced it's platformer Trover Save the Universe and it's hard to miss Rick and Morty's voice actors in the trailer above.

Kingdom Hearts 3

More footage of Kingdom Hearts and this time it shows off the Pirates of the Caribbean world. We also get a limited edition Kingdom Hearts PS4 that will most likely come out together with the game next year. 

Death Stranding

We get a new trailer for Hideo Kojima's next game and it looks like Norman Reedus' character has a lot of delivering to do in this game. Still confused after the trailer but we get a  better idea of the monster that roam this new world they are creating. Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner joins the cast along with Mads Mikkelsen.

Nioh 2 Announced

Team Ninja announces Nioh 2. It's a quick tease with no gameplay trailer or any other details aside from its existence. 


New gameplay footage featuring Spidey's known villains - Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, and an intense chase to catch Electro.