E3 2018: Bethesda Conference Recap

Bethesda E3 2018.jpg

Bethesda was short but filled with heavy hitters. This is one company that can't surprise anyone anymore, but regardless, the obvious reveals didn't tone down the excitement at all. Known franchises get new entries and Bethesda is finally working on a new IP, finally.

Rage 2

Gameplay trailer was shown and we get a glimpse of a more refined version of car combat that Rage is known for. Midway through the demo, we get confirmation that this i will be an open world experience. Gun combat feels a bit more fast-paced compared to the first one and the protagonist Walker isn't a silent one. Rage 2 is planned for a 2019 release. 

Doom Eternal Announced

Doom Enternal was announced and gives a glimpse of the usual demon from the Doom world and the familiar space soldier holding a shotgun. This is confirmed to be a sequel to the Doom reboot released in 2016. Excpect more details about this shooter in August, during Quakecon. 

Wolfenstein: Young Blood Announced

A new Wolfenstein game announced and this is a 2-player co-op game featuring BJ Blazkowicz' twin daughters. It's set in 1980s Paris, 19 after the events of Wolfenstein: The New Collosus. 

Fallout 76

We get more details of the new Fallout game and it's confirmed that it's a survival game and you may play the game online. It's unclear how many players can roam together in one game but Bethesda's Todd Howard confirmed that it will be limited, so don't expect hundreds of Vault Dwellers swarming the wasteland. They also confirm that based on the technology supporting Fallout 76, the game will be 16 times bigger than Fallout 4. It will feature 6 regions filled with various creatures based in West Virginian Folklore. Base building is back as well.

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Elder Scrolls: Blades is a free iPhone and Android RPG that is planned for a release this Fall. It's pretty much Elder Scrolls with phone controls and it will feature town building and even multiplayer. Todd Howard mentioned that they have plans to bring Elder Scrolls" Blades to other platforms in the future, complete with cross-platform support.

Fallout Shelter Now Available on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch for Free

Yeah. Go ahead and download it. It's around 500+ MB on the PS4

Starfield Announced

Just one of the many worst kept secrets from Bethesda. Starfield is their newest IP in 25 years and based on the small tease it's definitely space-themed. No details about it yet but it's great to see Bethesda finally working on growing that porfolio of theirs. 

Elder Scrolls VI Announced

Yup. Everybody asked for it and Bethesda finally made it official. It's a small tease with nothing but landscapes. No more details where given after the tease. But it's good to know it's now in production, but at this point, this little trailer might be all there is at the moment. There's even a chance that folks at Bethesda has yet to begin making assets for the next entry. But enough speculation, let us all try to be patient.