The Weekend Hangover: Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Feature.jpg

The Weekend Hangover is Too Much Gaming's Monday rumination of the games or game we played over the weekend. Sometimes there is alcohol involved in the hangover we’re nursing, but most other times there’s just too much gaming.

Battlefield 1

After the open beta for Battlefield V ended, I decided to return to Battlefield 1. I guess you could say I was still on a Battlefield high.

I missed the feeling of chaos and bullets flying everywhere. The planes battling it out in the air, the snipers covering chokepoints, and the mini-skirmishes between players found everywhere in a game of Conquest. Few shooters can match what the Battlefield franchise brings to the table.

Battlefield 1, even with just its base content, is still a great Battlefield game. Despite being two years old now, there are still plenty of PSplayers on the Asia servers. Getting a game to fill up to the max 64 players is no problem. Although DICE may have dropped the ball with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, they did good with their take on the Great War.

Road to Battlefield V

Battlefield’s inevitable return to World War II is kind of like what Call of Duty did last year with Call of Duty: WWII. And that was a fantastic game that refueled my interest in Call of Duty. And between the fun I had with Battlefield V’s Open Beta and this weekend’s experiences with Battlefield 1, I have to say that I prefer Battlefield 1’s gameplay.

That’s not a good sign for Battlefield V, which launches in just a few months. DICE and EA have been in a bit of a marketing pickle since the game was announced in May. At every turn, it seems time is mostly spent defending the game’s decisions as we draw closer to the game’s release. The delay to November also adds more worry.

I’ll probably still be picking it up on November 20, and if the final product doesn’t live up to being a solid Battlefield game, at least I’ll still have Battlefield 1 as a fall back.