Destiny 2: Forsaken's Raid Got Beat And Unlocked New Content For Everybody


Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new raid, Last Wish, just got cleared for the first time since launch. Credit goes to Clan Redeem, who achieved this feat 18 hours and 48 minutes after the raid went live. Impressive as always, Guardians.

But what’s even cooler are all the new activities and content that got unlocked as a result.

A new strike called The Corrupted was made available in the Dreaming City area, with a recommended Power level of 500, as reported in Reddit. A few changes were also spotted in the Dreaming City open space, such as new missions.

Gambit mode also got a new map called Cathedral of Stars and a new bounty to pursue.

Bungie stated that the Dreaming City is an endgame location that will evolve over time, and the release of new content proves that. The community is currently mobilizing to soak up all the new content and the secret lore to find out what’s next for Destiny 2’s story.

The Last Wish is considered one of the most difficult raids released by Bungie, with some tough puzzles to figure out, and now stands as raid that went undefeated the longest in the game’s history. The previous record holder was Vault of Glass, which took clan PrimeGuard fourteen hours to get the world’s first.