TMG Podcast Special Episode - REV Major 2018

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We know it's been a while but we’ve returned with a very special podcast episode talking about REV Major 2018, one of the biggest fighting game events in the Philippines. Once again, it took place at the Power Mac Center Spotlight theater at Circuit Makati.

In this episode, we're joined by friends from Nubs in Cubes, Geekend Gladiators and Kontemplay who were also present at REV Major over the weekend.

It was yet another great event for the fighting game here in the Philippines. Despite the storm that hit the country, the turnout was impressive, filling up the venue, and ramping up the hype for each game presented on the main stage.

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If you want to check out all the great matches from REV Majors, you can head over to Playbook’s Twitch channel.

REV Major Philippines 2018 Winners


Champion: FURSAN | LowHigh

2nd Place: Ulsan

3rd Place: UYU | Qudans

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Champion: PBE|Jamse

2nd Place: FChamp

3rd Place: UYU | JeonDDing

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Champion: CGP|TSF.PSI Force

2nd Place: BNKR|Regerets

3rd Place: PBE|Godz

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Champion: CGP|Alden

2nd Place: MicPerez

3rd Place: PBE|Noob

Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2

Champion: Teresa

2nd Place: PBE|Noob

3rd Place: Seikenshi

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Champion: Fchamp

2nd Place: Anton

3rd Place: Arc

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Champion: Xardov

2nd Place: yat

3rd Place: Junytarddude

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

Champion: AG|DivisionRing

2nd Place: NTR|Pineapple On Pizza

3rd Place: CGP.Typhoon

Thanks to those that joined this special episode of the TMG Podcast! You can check out their contact in the links below.

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Geekend Gladiators



Emile in the Morning at Night






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