The Best Deals of This Autumn's Steam Sale


The weekend is coming up and we have the Steam Autumn Sale now live! Don’t bother hiding your wallets because why resist? Just face the truth that there will be a purchase, so just focus on doing the least amount of damage to whatever budget you have left and pick up the best deals out of the hundreds of pages worth of deals on Steam.

The list you are about to see are just a handful of great deals you should consider. When you do pick up a game I sure do you enjoy it and not let it be another item added to your ever-growing backlog.

Far Cry 5 - PHP 1,100 (50% down from PHP 2,200) Exploring Hope County reminded me on how creative I can be when it comes to planning ambushes. The Far Cry franchise is currently on a high note thanks to the fifth entry.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI - PHP 547.50 (75% down from PHP 2,190) You can never go wrong with Civilization. This is the best version of the series and a primo opportunity to get in on the ground floor when the second expansion - Gathering Storm - drops next year, February 14.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice  - PHP 379.97 (50% down from PHP 759.95) Ninja Theory’s dark action-adventure game tackles mental illness in a unique way. Something to consider if you want something completely different.

Total War: Warhammer 2 - PHP 779.97 (50% down from PHP 1,559.95) Build your armies. Plan how to dismantle your opponent’s forces. Go through the game’s campaign which is greatly improved compared to the first game.

Fallout 4 GOTY - PHP 1,104 (60% down from PHP 2,760) Fallout 76 isn’t looking too good for some, so if you need a Fallout fix, Fallout 4 is your best bet at the moment, so might as well get all it has to offer.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider  - PHP 1,389.50 (50% down from PHP 2,779) In just two months, another Square Enix game gets a large price cut. Don’t be fooled by the sudden price drop, this is a great game. Just appreciate that Square does these discounts to most of their published games.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration - PHP 519.80 (80% down from PHP 2,599) If you are still wary about Lara Croft’s latest adventure, Rise of the Tomb Raider is just as good and a lot cheaper too.

Frostpunk - PHP 435.46 (33% down from PHP 649.95) One of the best city-building games out there today. It’s punishing. You will hate yourself. But it will be all worth it.

Dark Souls 3 - PHP 525 (75% down from PHP2,100) A crazy price drop for what many consider one of the toughest franchises of this generation. This latest entry is best for those who love tearing their hair out for hours on end.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition - PHP 414.78 (66% down from PHP 1,219.95) This game had an interesting issue on release (loot boxes) but it seems all good now, especially with its current price cut.

Nioh: Complete Edition - PHP 499.97 (50% down from PHP 999.95) If Dark Souls isn’t your cup of tea, how about KOEI TECMO’s take on the souls gameplay? The main game plus all of it’s DLC for just PHP 500 is a steal!

Assassin's Creed: Origins - PHP 880 (60% down from PHP 2,200) The Assassin’s Creed game that scrapped the old horrid combat system with a better one, complete with hundreds of loot to improve your assassin, RPG style.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - PHP 705 (50% down from PHP 1,410) XCOM 2’s expansion changes the game so much that it’s definitely worth saving Earth for the hundredth time.

Dishonored 2 - PHP 608.85 (67% down from PHP 1,845) A game fit for those that love to take their time. Be silent. Plan how to get to your target with your arsenal of supernatural abilities, or go apeshit with them.

Ni No Kuni 2 - PHP 1,400 (50% down from PHP 2,800) A JRPG worth your time. A charming adventure of a young king that wants to unite all the kingdoms in their word, with the help of his friends and the president of the United States. Yeah, I wish I made that last one up.

Take note that there’s still the inevitable Steam Winter Sale that will likely run until the next year. So, don’t consider this as your last chance to pick up the game you’ve always wanted 70% off.

The Steam Autumn Sale will run until November 27, 10 AM Pacific. Godspeed, and hopefully there won’t be any regrets by next week.