Torchlight Frontiers' Dev Diary Talks About Adding MMO Elements

Torchlight Frontiers' first developer diary video introduces the studio working on the game, and adds details on how the next Torchlight entry is going MMO. 

Echtra Games is composed of ex-Torchlight developers and was founded by Max Schaefer, who co-founded Runic Games, the studio originally behind the first Torchlight games, as well as last year's Hob. Schaefer was also part of the team at Blizzard that helped create then first Diablo and Diablo 2. 

Instantly, we get a sense of the credentials Schaefer and his team will be putting to use in creating the next Torchlight. "We've assembled a team that is uniquely qualified to make this game," said Schaefer.

In Schaefer's words: “This is a true Torchlight game, so it’s gonna have very similar controls to the original Torchlight's. It’s got very visceral combat, very good feel and weighty swings to your weapons. People who played Torchlight will be able to sit down and play it immediately but then they'll discover all the cool new things we can because it is a persistent world.”

We also got more details about what they mean when they say MMO. Schaefer says what they want to take from the MMO genre is the sense of community, and the ability to grow the game over time. That's what I got from it, and it sounds like they are looking to go through the same path Bungie took with Destiny. 

It didn't really give the big picture just yet but i'm optimistic. It's exciting to know the Torchlight universe is moving forward, and everything will probably make more sense once we see the game in action. 

Torchlight Frontiers has no release date announced yet, and will be out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.