Decoys Are Coming To Rainbow Six: Siege

Alibi R6.jpg

The next update to Rainbow Six: Siege, Operation Para Bellum, is coming and we finally have a glimpse of one of the two upcoming defender Operators coming to the game together with the new map. Have a look at Alibi's gadget below. 

Alibi's real name is Aria de Luca, and she's designed to exploit the attacking team's advance. Her design was inspired by the Italian Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale unit. Her decoy gadget has yet to be explained by Ubisoft, and they plan to do that by dropping the first gameplay footage of her in action during the Pro League Finals happening on May 19-20. 

Her full bio is now available if you wish to know her a bit more. 

Operation Para Bellum will feature one more defender Operator, to compensate for the two attackers that came out in Operation Outbreak. Para Bellum also features a new map called Villa, which you can check out below.