Total War: Warhammer II's Latest DLC Focuses On The Rivalry Between Elves


Total War: Warhammer 2 was arguably one of the best strategy games of 2017 and this month, it's getting some new DLC in the form of The Queen & The Crone, which adds a Legendary Lord each to the High Elves and the Dark Elves, as well as some new quest chains.

Everqueen Alarielle of the High Elves and Hag-Queen Hellebron of the Dark Elves will be play able in the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns, and come with their own skill trees and magic items, as well as sub-factions with elite units.

The Queen & The Crone will set you back for P259.95, though price will naturally vary for players from other regions. Order before May 31st and you'll get a 10% discount. 

Here's what Total War studio Creative Assembly say about the DLC's storyline: "Throughout the lands of Avelorn, the very presence of Everqueen Alarielle brings great joy and tranquillity to the Elven havens. Yet across the Great Ocean in the dark lands of Naggaroth, something wicked stirs. The Hag-Queen, Crone Hellebron, in a storm of jealous rage, leads forth a murderous army of Dark Elves, to extinguish all beauty from the world.

"So it is in this time of grave peril that Alarielle will take to the battlefield, for only she can vanquish this darkness and defend Ulthuan from the depredations of the impure."