The Crew 2 Is Getting A Closed Beta Very Soon


A closed beta for The Crew 2, Ubisoft’s open-world racing game, begins later this month. Between Thursday, May 31 and Monday, June 4, players will have access to the first level of the game’s progression system in the Aerobatics, Powerboat, Rally Raid and Street Race disciplines as well as the Fast Fav feature that lets them switch vehicle types on the fly.

Since the game was announced, that’s been it’s big hook: if you’re in a plane flying over water, you can switch out to a boat and take to the waters without the unpleasantness of crashing. Yeah, it’s not quite realistic, but it’s a mechanic that emphasizes spontaneous thrills. "An airplane flying underneath San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge," explains Ubisoft, "can turn into a boat with the touch of a button."

As such, the beta will let players try their hand at watercraft and aircraft, which are new additions to the game. If you want to a chance at an invite, you can visit this sign-up page. Players already selected for the beta are encouraged to pre-load the build, which unlocks on May 29.

The Crew 2 is being developed by Ubisoft’s Ivory Tower studio, based out of Lyon, France. According the official PR, The Crew 2 will “let players experience the thrill of the American motorsports spirit inside a fully redesigned USA. The game’s playground pushes physical boundaries to let driving and open world fans test their skills, solo or with friends, in nonstop competition and exploration.

“From coast to coast, drivers will explore America and compete to become the greatest motorsports champion by collecting a wide variety of exotic cars, bikes, boats and planes, and dominating the motorsports scene on the land, on the water and in the air.”

For more information about The Crew 2, you can visit the official website or their official accounts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.