GOG Puts Over 150 Wishlist Faves On Sale


GOG.com, that good old games retailer that deals exclusively in DRM-free games is hosting a massive games sale this week, and it’s absolutely certain that at least one game you want, no need, is at a cut price right now.

That’s because the theme for the sale is “GOG’s Most Wanted,” and each and every game that’s discounted is taken from the most popular items on GOG users’ wishlists. It might not be Christmas, Halloween, Easter or even Spring, but you don’t need a special calendar occasion to enjoy a sale now do you?

Prices on the Most Wanted Sale can go up to 85% including The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, which is a great lead-in to the store’s most popular wishlist item, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and its various expansions.

Coming in a close second at the time of this writing is Divinity: Original Sin 2, arguably the apotheosis of CRPGs in its modern form, with Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition, Homeworld: Remastered and Grim Dawn following closely behind.

The sale also includes heavily-discounted classics Freespace 2 and Deus Ex, critical darlings like Owlboy and Superhot and modern classics like Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Legend of Grimrock II and Thimbleweed Park.

GOG.com’s Most Wanted Sale is live now, and runs until April 23, 2018. Keep in mind GOG.com does not adjust pricing for your region. Therefore, prices may be better or worse than they are for your region on Steam.