Westworld Mobile Lets You Run Your Own Delos Park For 'Training' Purposes


Don’t saddle up like a cowboy for this Westworld video game, as this official interactive entertainment production from Warner Bros Interactive Studios is a management sim for mobile devices.

Yep, it’s very much in the mold of games like Fallout Shelter. So rather than indulging in your dark, perverse fantasies like visitors of the famed Delos park, you instead build and manage this imaginary Wild West from your underground base below. You’ll build new park locations and maintain the AI hosts that populate them, while catering to the guest’s base needs rather than your own cruel desires.

Tentatively dubbed "Delos Park Training Simulation," it has an adorable cute 60s illustrated children book style and will be out on Android and iOS in April. In the meantime you can pre-register for possible early access and pre-registration rewards. All you have to do is sign in your personal information because all hail our data overlords.