Devil May Cry's Dante Is Heading To Monster Hunter: World

It looks like Devil May Cry is the next Capcom franchise to have a collaboration event in Monster Hunter World. Players will be able to equip Dante's weapons and his stylish looks.

The trailer above shows Dante in action, fighting a few monsters with Dante's Force Edge, which acts as the Charge Blade weapon type in Monster Hunter World. Originally, the Charge Blade transforms from a sword and shield into a two-handed axe. But for Dante, you have the Force Edge transforming into Alastor, another signature weapon in the Devil May Cry series. 

No release date was given by Capcom, but according to a post in Capcom Unity, you'll be able to pick up these goods through a special event quest in the game when it becomes available.

The recent crossover events that occurred in Monster Hunter World featured players hunting as Street Fighter's Ryu as well as Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy for PS4 players. Last December, Capcom announced that a Mega Man collaboration is coming to Monster Hunter World, transforming your trusty Palico into a 8-bit cel-shaded Mega Man. Still no word about that one but expect more fun content from Capcom.