Overwatch Gun Salute Send-Off to Willem

We haven't addressed this on the site yet but our good friend and fellow writer for TMG, Willem Den Toom, passed away last month. The big guy loved video games a great deal and Overwatch was one of his newer favorites to the point that he would play it almost every night.

As a final send off to Will, we thought to do it via a gun salute in Overwatch featuring the characters he played the most (and Hanzo because watching the dragons fly through the sky looks awesome). The video was intended to be shared amongst friends and family who knew about his fondness for video games but the video got featured on various sites such as MIC.com, Dorkly, Dot Esports, Mashable, and Kotaku.

The video itself turned out great but the recording process wasn't as smooth as most people thought it was. Here's a behind-the-scenes look on what happened during the recording session for the gun salute video. I'm sure wherever Will is now, he's laughing at us for failing to coordinate during the first 45 minutes.

We thank everyone who has watched, commented on, shared the video, etc. Now over 400,000 people know about Willem Den Toom. A big man with a big heart. We miss you, buddy. We miss you a great deal.