NieR: Automata's Latest Trailer Shows How Grand And Dramatic It Can Be

Square Enix and Platinum Games joining forces to create a sequel to the cult following game NieR was something we didn't see coming when it was revealed back in 2015 during Square's E3 Press Conference. What's more surprising is how we are almost a few weeks away from release. 

If people are aware of Platinum games' previous work (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising) you know they don't disappoint when it comes to action games. The new trailer pretty much gives more emphasis that there will be over-the-top battles. 

It's mainly an action game, but there are RPG elements added into the mix. In the latest video on PlayStation's PlayStation Underground, Square Enix shows off some of those elements and the open areas you'll get to explore. 

The demo is available on the PSN store right now. We checked the demo out and we're pleased with how it's turning out. 

NeiR: Automata releases for PlayStation 4 and PC on March 7.