Weekend, what are you playing?


Far Cry 3December is finally here and it starts off with a long weekend to boot. Play anything interesting this weekend?

Migoy: I didn't really get to play much on the weekends themselves. Most of my gaming happened on Friday. Tried out my new copy of Devil May Cry 4 that I just bought and I'm liking it. Played a few matches online in Persona 4 Arena. Trying to relearn Chie Satonaka. Those were the only console games I got to play, the only other game I played was on my DS Lite and it's still Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED. I think I'm at the final stretch of the game  at 30 hours in. There are too many damn assists.

Quash: Went back to XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my 360. Gold membership was free for the weekend, so that was my chance to try out XCOM's multiplayer. Did a couple of matches and pretty much got what I needed to finally finish up my review of the game. Funny how all my matches were against a team with multiple snipers. After MP, I created a new XCOM campaign and tried to finish the game on classic difficulty again. I can't get enough of that game.

Weekend, what are you playing?

CoD BlOps2 We're at the last weekend of November and like I said last week, tis the season for new releases. Did anyone get any new games? What are you playing?

Migoy: I slept through most of my Saturday and didn't really get a chance to play any game. Sunday morning is gonna be spent watching the Curleh Mustache 5 tournament over at TeamSp00ky' twitch.tv. I'll probably end up booting Super Robot wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED again since I'm really into it, plus it's on a handheld so you know, ease of access. Planning to play a bit more of Persona 4 Arena and hopefully remember how to play that game again and maybe this time do more than just auto-combo my way to victory.

Quash: Played some Black Ops 2 this morning. It still surprises me how people think Capture the Flag or Domination matches are still all about the kills. I'll also be playing some Street Fighter 4 with some friends, we miss the old days.

Arlie: Mass Effect 3. No spoilers please.

Weekend, what are you playing?

Hitman Absolution After an unintentional hiatus, the weekend post is back and in full force. The weekend post not being made was due to lack of time and nothing more. But enough about that because tis the season for new releases. So, what are you playing this weekend?

Migoy: Just got myself a copy of Hitman: Absolution so Imma surely be playing that. Will probably record my gameplay through the entire thing but we'll see. Aside from that I'm planning to hit my imported copy of Max Anarchy again simply because I haven't finished it yet. Max Anarchy / Anarchy Reigns is hella fun by the way. And finally, a game that I've been sinking my teeth into recently and simply can't put down a lot of the time is Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED. This game did not get localized like it's previous title but it's a simple RPG and impossible to get stuck in. It sucks that I can't read Japanese and can't appreciate the story and conversations that the characters have with each other but the combat is just too good. I don't know any other game that has combat similar to the SRW OG sage games on DS but I believe Project x Zone on the 3DS pretty much has the same style of combat. That game of course is also only in Japanese. :(

Quash: I was all set for the Lost Shore's weekend event over at Guild War 2, but of course something bad happens. Hours before the event my graphics card shows signs of dying. Any game I play results in graphical artifacts and a crash, even during windows startup. So now I'm at the process of finding a replacement graphics card to get my PC back up and running.

As I was looking around to canvas on a new graphics card, I visited Datablitz and bought Black Ops 2 on the PS3. I was a huge fan of the first, and it was only fitting to go ahead and buy the sequel. The game overall is what I wanted right now, a fact-paced FPS. Treyarch did good on the first Black Ops and so far I'm liking what I see. But sadly, as much as they say they made a lot of improvements graphics-wise, for a 2012 game, it really looks outdated. The multiplayer feels just like any COD, but after not playing any other COD title since the first Black Ops, it felt good coming back.

Arlie: I've been playing Assassin's Creed III since launch day and you can watch my play through on our Twitch.tv channel. Also, some casual DOTA2 gaming with my friends on Steam.

Weekend, what are you playing?

dat chun-li September is here and the 'ber' months usually signify the start of constant new game releases. But before all the crazyness of the 4th quarter of the year, what games have you played this weekend?

Migoy: Played more of Persona 4 Arena online, seriously that game is awesome. Tried out the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II demo which doesn't even let you finish the first stage so that's a disappointment. Popped in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since I haven't really played it even though I got a new arcade stick. Tried to go online on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but it was some how very laggy at the time. I actually tried playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2's arcade mode which I have never done before and man that game is hard. I was able to figure out the universal chain combo though so that's better than just hammering on the buttons I guess. Streamed a 5 hour session of Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2 with my cousins, finally beat Shadow Kanji.

You can watch the full Persona 4  5 hour stream here.

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Quash: Still on the journey of hitting level 80 in Guild Wars 2. I'm currently at level 66 and still find myself dirt poor. Having a huge repair bill(tons of deaths) and constantly fast traveling from end of the map to another really doesn't help my money issue. No complaints so far with this game. PvE is my main focus and I'll soon do more World vs World and some structured PvP every once and awhile.

Weekend, what are you playing?

the ultimate in mayonaka arena It's the last weekend of August and another long weekend for what I'm guessing is most of us here in the Philippines which means more game time! What are you playing?

Migoy: I haven't been able to stream all week due to me playing a lot of Persona 4 Arena online and since I just purchased Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yesterday, I've been playing a bit of that online too. With the limit upload speed I have, I need all that I can get when palying online games.


Quash: This weekend, and most likely for the next couple of weekends, I'll be playing Guild Wars 2. The three day head start has begun and I've been playing non-stop!

The game's launch was off to a good start. No login issues when servers went live and it ran smoothly for seven hours straight, until... servers went down. Just when I thought a completely smooth launch was possible, I was unable to play for 2+ hours. Not a big deal though, I've experienced way worse. I actually commend ArenaNet for providing no hiccups for the first few hours. After the short down time, it hasn't happened again so kudos to them. Not the best since the online trading post is still offline, but definitely not the worst.

I am now level 21 on my Charr Engineer. Gameplay's great, sounds great, even the hoards of players banding up to steamroll one dyamic quest is great. Well, enough of this, time to jump back in.