Weekend, what are you playing?

the ultimate in mayonaka arena It's the last weekend of August and another long weekend for what I'm guessing is most of us here in the Philippines which means more game time! What are you playing?

Migoy: I haven't been able to stream all week due to me playing a lot of Persona 4 Arena online and since I just purchased Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yesterday, I've been playing a bit of that online too. With the limit upload speed I have, I need all that I can get when palying online games.


Quash: This weekend, and most likely for the next couple of weekends, I'll be playing Guild Wars 2. The three day head start has begun and I've been playing non-stop!

The game's launch was off to a good start. No login issues when servers went live and it ran smoothly for seven hours straight, until... servers went down. Just when I thought a completely smooth launch was possible, I was unable to play for 2+ hours. Not a big deal though, I've experienced way worse. I actually commend ArenaNet for providing no hiccups for the first few hours. After the short down time, it hasn't happened again so kudos to them. Not the best since the online trading post is still offline, but definitely not the worst.

I am now level 21 on my Charr Engineer. Gameplay's great, sounds great, even the hoards of players banding up to steamroll one dyamic quest is great. Well, enough of this, time to jump back in.