Weekend, what are you playing?

Weekend post 76

It's the weekend again. Got any games that you want to play or beat this weekend?

Migoy: Since the PS3 version of Bioshock Infinite comes a copy of the original Bioshock, that is a game that I plan to beat. The city of Rapture and its story has always intrigued me and what better way to find out about the story than to experience it myself. The game makes me feel really claustrophobic though. Another game on my weekend list is apparently the image that I put up. It's been super hot lately since with summer being a thing in the Philippines at this time of year. I thought to myself "maybe if I play a game with a lot of water, it might trick my mind into thinking that it's cooler". Bioshock does have a lot of water but the feeling of being stuck in an underwater cit while crazy people with guns inhabit it is not exactly the most soothing of scenarios. Initially I was planning to pop in Super Mario Sunshine but I felt like playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker instead. God, this game is still awesome. As for the handheld department, still grinding in the Injustice: Gods Among Us iOS app. Working my way to get a Batman card so that I can unlock the Batman Beyond costume on the console version which Arlie has already unlocked via a gold booster pack..

Carlos: Pretty busy week for me but I was able to do some gaming during my time off work. Around Monday last week, Darksiders 2 went 75% off for a day and I just couldn't resist because it was only P450 for me. So I instantly bought it and started downloading. But since this was going to be the PC version, I wasn't planning on playing it via keyboard and mouse, so I went out and got a wired Xbox 360 controller to use in my PC. Darksiders 2 was done downloading, controller worked, and I love the game. The sequel has a lot of changes and improvements that make it a different game in a sense. When I ended my last session I Was 5 hours in, planning to play some more on the weekend.

HOLY WEEK! What are you playing!?

bioshock Infinite_arlie Happy long weekend! Well, for those in the Philippines at least, thanks to this week's holy week. It's a bit late to create a post like this since holy week did start last Wednesday, but yesterday is really when everybody is in relax mode for the whole week, I'm sure some of you have plans to go out with family, but I'm positive there are some, like myself, are all set to get some gaming done. What are you planning to play during this long weekend??

Carlos: I honestly have a lot planned. Since I started my new job last month, I've had a couple of games neglected since I just didn't have the time to play them. I still want to play a few games of Smite, the Free-To-Play Third Person MOBA, to get a better feel of the game. and I've yet to finish Final Fantasy XIII-2 (I'm literally in the end, just need to cross that finish line). But thanks to me getting BioShock Infinite, I'm putting that as my top priority because the game is just too darn good.

I literally got glued to the controller once I started up my Xbox 360 with BioShock inside. I'm on my second night with the game and its a pretty lengthy game, which I appreciate. Because at this point, I really don't want  it to end anytime soon. I'm playing on hard on my first playthrough and I just realized that the Handy Man is the worst enemy to face if you don't know which Vigor to use. Keep a look out for them, they are no joke.

Arlie: For this long weekend I was just planning to play my backlog games like Dishonored (haven't touched the game yet). I knew Bioshock Infinite will be released this week but I really have no plan buying it. But when I watched and read some of the reviews, I knew I have to get the game at the last minute before the malls close for the Holy Week. I got a copy for my PS3 (shown above) and it includes the Original Bioshock in the disc that you have to install first before playing. Since it is a long weekend most of my Steam friends are online, we play casual private game of DOTA 2.

Migoy: Started playing Asura's Wrath last week and I think I'm almost done with the games. The last episode I played was episode 15 and most of the bad guys are already dead so yeah. After that the PS3 copies of Bioshock Infinite come with the first Bioshock on disc, I was so tempted to buy a copy though with holy week happening, I won't be able to buy a copy at least until Saturday (given that the shops still have it in stock). Aside from that, I downloaded a bunch of free-to-play games on Steam so I might try some of them out. That and I also downloaded Surgeon Simulator 2013.


Weekend! What are you playing?


It's the weekend again! Everybody loves Fridays, some go out and have a great night out, while some like to kick back pop in a game and relax. I'm sure most of you are still trying to knock off a few titles to lessen your backlog pile. Me? I'll keep my backlog big for now, because I again see myself revisiting a game that came out in 2011. The arrow in the knee pic above pretty much sums up what I'm playing this weekend. What are you playing?

Carlos: SKYRIMMM! Yea... I decided to continue my ranger that I started last Tuesday. When I first played the game back when it was released, I took a risk and got the 360 version. I enjoyed my time in Skyrim  with a controller, regardless of the horrible loading times, graphic lags, and  mammoths falling from the sky. This time though, I want to play the game right, so I'm going  to be playing the PC version which is a first for me. I might also play a few League of Legends games if my friends bother me enough via Skype.

Migoy: Been busy with some stuff lately so I don't know if I'm gonna be able to play anything this weekend but I do need to get on that Anarchy Reigns playthrough. Aside from that I also want to play more Persona 4 Arena ranked matches just for kicks. I also just found out last night that you can play with up to 3 other people locally in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. I always thought that the multiplayer aspect was online only. I won't do a video of it now but it does give me an idea of what I can do with it in the future.

Weekend, what are you playing?


Far Cry 3December is finally here and it starts off with a long weekend to boot. Play anything interesting this weekend?

Migoy: I didn't really get to play much on the weekends themselves. Most of my gaming happened on Friday. Tried out my new copy of Devil May Cry 4 that I just bought and I'm liking it. Played a few matches online in Persona 4 Arena. Trying to relearn Chie Satonaka. Those were the only console games I got to play, the only other game I played was on my DS Lite and it's still Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED. I think I'm at the final stretch of the game  at 30 hours in. There are too many damn assists.

Quash: Went back to XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my 360. Gold membership was free for the weekend, so that was my chance to try out XCOM's multiplayer. Did a couple of matches and pretty much got what I needed to finally finish up my review of the game. Funny how all my matches were against a team with multiple snipers. After MP, I created a new XCOM campaign and tried to finish the game on classic difficulty again. I can't get enough of that game.

Weekend, what are you playing?

CoD BlOps2 We're at the last weekend of November and like I said last week, tis the season for new releases. Did anyone get any new games? What are you playing?

Migoy: I slept through most of my Saturday and didn't really get a chance to play any game. Sunday morning is gonna be spent watching the Curleh Mustache 5 tournament over at TeamSp00ky' twitch.tv. I'll probably end up booting Super Robot wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED again since I'm really into it, plus it's on a handheld so you know, ease of access. Planning to play a bit more of Persona 4 Arena and hopefully remember how to play that game again and maybe this time do more than just auto-combo my way to victory.

Quash: Played some Black Ops 2 this morning. It still surprises me how people think Capture the Flag or Domination matches are still all about the kills. I'll also be playing some Street Fighter 4 with some friends, we miss the old days.

Arlie: Mass Effect 3. No spoilers please.