Weekend, what are you playing?


Far Cry 3December is finally here and it starts off with a long weekend to boot. Play anything interesting this weekend?

Migoy: I didn't really get to play much on the weekends themselves. Most of my gaming happened on Friday. Tried out my new copy of Devil May Cry 4 that I just bought and I'm liking it. Played a few matches online in Persona 4 Arena. Trying to relearn Chie Satonaka. Those were the only console games I got to play, the only other game I played was on my DS Lite and it's still Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED. I think I'm at the final stretch of the game  at 30 hours in. There are too many damn assists.

Quash: Went back to XCOM: Enemy Unknown on my 360. Gold membership was free for the weekend, so that was my chance to try out XCOM's multiplayer. Did a couple of matches and pretty much got what I needed to finally finish up my review of the game. Funny how all my matches were against a team with multiple snipers. After MP, I created a new XCOM campaign and tried to finish the game on classic difficulty again. I can't get enough of that game.