Persona 4 Arena - Learning Kanji

P4A Learning Kanji Now while using Yosuke, with his extremely hard play style, is fun and all. Constantly going for mix-ups and performing combos that deal no damage can get tiring.

In this playlist, we go for with the guy that some would say is the complete opposite of the swift and nimble kunai wielding character that is Yosuke Hanamura. And that is the blood-curdling beefcake emperor himself, the main with the steelchair in hand, mister Kanji Tatsumi. With his slow movement, command grabs, and ridiculous damage output, we can't help but get a little cocky when using Kanji online. Along side the powerful Take-Mikazuchi, me and my cousin Bud are not afraid to "wake-up persona grab to ex-chair" our way to victory.

PSN ID used: tmgshow