Recent Buys: Episode 12 - Sticks and stones may break my bones but bullets will surely hurt me

Hori PS3 sticks

It's been a while since I've made a Recent Buys post and as you may have guessed, the purchases have piled up since the last post.

I'm going to do this chronologically which starts off with something big. This was the biggest single purchased item on my current list. I finally stepped it up, arcade stick wise, by getting myself the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 Sa. Purchased brand new for 6500php, I am happy to say that I do not regret buying this. My transition from pad to stick is still a awkward depending on the game but for the most part I am leaning towards sticking with the arcade stick.


Next up is another arcade stick and this time it's the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 3 for PS3. From what I gather, this is a fairly new stick from Hori and as of this posting I haven't found any solid reviews for it yet which peaked my curiosity for it. Since I couldn't find a review of it online I decided to make one myself and I am very impressed with this budget arcade stick.

Hori Fighting Stick Mini 3 02


Third on my list could possibly be a candidate for my favorite game of 2012 and that is Persona 4 Arena, or in my case it's Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena since my PS3 could only play the R3 release. This game is so much and with it's magic netcode, this is the only fighting game that I can enjoy playing online. Magnum USB P4A

Last up is the most recent of the bunch (happening only yesterday) and is a $20 PSN card. For what reason did I buy a $20 card? I got it mainly for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Yeah yeah I can already hear everyone saying "why get it on PS3 when it's so much better on PC?". The main reason for that is because my PC can't run it. Sure lobbies on PC can max out at 32 players per room while PSN can only have up to 10. But remember that the PS3 version does support cross-platform play meaning that I can also play with or against steam users online.

PSN card CS:GO

This is more of a runner up that anything but it still counts. CS:GO is $14.99 on PSN which left me with $5. I used the remaining $5 to get episode 2 of The Walking Dead game. Episode 1 was such a blast and I remember that episode 2 is already out. I remember getting episode 1 with the money left over after getting Skullgirls so a similar scenario happened in the case of episode 2. I would have gotten a PSone classic instead but the cheapest PSone classics title is going for $5.99 and I was 98 cents short.