Weekend, what are you playing?

dat chun-li September is here and the 'ber' months usually signify the start of constant new game releases. But before all the crazyness of the 4th quarter of the year, what games have you played this weekend?

Migoy: Played more of Persona 4 Arena online, seriously that game is awesome. Tried out the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II demo which doesn't even let you finish the first stage so that's a disappointment. Popped in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since I haven't really played it even though I got a new arcade stick. Tried to go online on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but it was some how very laggy at the time. I actually tried playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2's arcade mode which I have never done before and man that game is hard. I was able to figure out the universal chain combo though so that's better than just hammering on the buttons I guess. Streamed a 5 hour session of Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2 with my cousins, finally beat Shadow Kanji.

You can watch the full Persona 4  5 hour stream here.

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Quash: Still on the journey of hitting level 80 in Guild Wars 2. I'm currently at level 66 and still find myself dirt poor. Having a huge repair bill(tons of deaths) and constantly fast traveling from end of the map to another really doesn't help my money issue. No complaints so far with this game. PvE is my main focus and I'll soon do more World vs World and some structured PvP every once and awhile.