Things to look forward to entering 2014


watchdogs-police-takedown-screenshot We are now on the final days of 2013. A great year for video games indeed thanks to the amazing games released as well as the debut of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We are entering a new era, but where do we go from here? To be honest, it's hard to tell how 2014 will shape up. how does the next generation lineup look like after March? Will early PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners have games to buy during the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 2014? Or will this be Nintendo's year to get things rolling for the Wii U? So many questions, but here's a couple of things to look forward to once we hit 2014.


Wii U and it's 1st party titles

Let's face it. The Wii U isn't doing so well. Sales for the unit hasn't even hit 1M and the games isn't coming in batches as we hoped for a 1-year-old console. But we can't count the Wii U just yet. I believe this is Nintendo's year to make something happen to their next generation unit. Don't forget, their big first party titles are planned for this year - Super Smash Bros. Wii U, The new Zelda game (Footage yet to be revealed but confirmed to be in development since console launch), Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Bayonetta 2. But 1st party titles isn't enough to get the Wii U back in the spotlight, but it's definitely a good start to give it a sign of life to those looking for a new console to dabble with.

Third party support, which was widely promoted after the reveal of the Wii U, shows a big decline as it enters its first year. Ubisoft's exclusive title for the Wii U - ZombiU, didn't do well in sales but was considered a good game. But big publishers look at the numbers to consider a sequel and it looks like it won't happen anytime soon. That kind of result makes third party's hesitate in bringing their big games to the Wii U. Solution? Sell more units, build a player base. But of course it's easier said than done. Maybe a name change? The conversation during stores explaining parents the difference between the Wii and the Wii U must be a nightmare for any clerk working in a video game store. So much work needs to be done. Get to it Nintendo.

Titanfall, that is all. 

Is it that great of a game? Well, the folks that have played it have nothing but good things to say about this FPS Mech/soldier multiplayer game. This is also one of the titles trying something different. I'm not talking about the fluid switch from FPS shooter to mech shooter. I'm talking about Respawn Entertainment blending in their single player campaign with their multiplayer component. A very interesting concept and a perfect way to somewhat erase a mode most people ignore with multiplayer shooters nowadays but retain a sense of story and character progression. How will it fair from start to finish? We'll have to see when it hits shelves on March for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. You have never seen Titanfall in action? Just watch the video below will ya?

Steam Machines-ss01

SteamOS and Steam Machines

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sure got most of the attention this year, but people should remember Valve made a big move by announcing the Steam Machines, Valve's console planned to your already crowded living room. It's just  not just one console being produced by Valve, thus it being called Steam Machines. Various hardware companies will be making different varieties of Valve's console, capable of running their Linux-based Operating System called the SteamOS. The big idea is simply bringing your huge Steam library into your living room to enjoy. With a keyboard and mouse? Well, not really. They also announced a Steam controller that is trying something...different.

A controller without joysticks. Check out the controller in action below. It's built so that games like Civilization V or other games built for keyboard and mouse won't be neglected once Steam hits your living room. It's hard to describe and explain how it would work. But the demonstration shows that the controller is capable of working well with Real-Time Strategy games and First Person Shooter games.

With how it looks, I'm not a fan of the design but you never know, it might be those products that will grow on you the more you use it...or not.


The future of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Great start for Sony and Microsoft's new consoles. In just one day, they were able to surpass the 1 million units sold mark. So what's next? To release as much games as possible in their units. Last thing you want is your new unit being turned on once a month. There are tons of games planned for 2014 like Ubisoft's Watch Dogs and CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Titanfall and Quantum Break for Xbox One, and inFamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886 for the PS4. But  how does the lineup look like during the second half of 2014? It's still unknown what Sony and Microsoft has planned but be sure to tune in E3 2014 because it's going to be an all out war. A new Uncharted was announced exclusive to the PS4 and we still need more information on the next Halo title planned for the Xbox One. If there's one thing I hope to see in 2014, it's newer franchises. 2014 will be just as exciting as 2013, and it just makes me all giddy just thinking about it.


PS3 and Xbox 360 still alive and kicking

Sure, next-gen is now upon us and technically the PS4 and Xbox One is now current generation while the PS3 and Xbox 360 is now previous generation. But don't set aside your prevous consoles just yet. There are a couple of titles to look forward to entering 2014. If you still want to give Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII series a chance, Lightning Returns is out in Japan but  the western version will be hitting stores February 11. Dark Souls 2, the sequel to the tough but amazing action RPG is for PS3 and Xbox 360 and is launching on March 11.

If you can't wait to play Titanfall but can't afford to make the upgrade on your PC or even making the jump to the Xbox One, it is also being released on the Xbox 360 on March 11. There's also Persona 5, which was recently announced by Atlus, exclusive to the PS3 and is planned for release at the end of 2014. The next in the Tales of series was also recently announced - Tales of Zesteria, which is also a PS3 exclusive, planned for a worldwide release in 2014. Oh, and of course, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V planned for release on March 18 on PS3, Xbox 360, and next-gen consoles. All of that, plus all the yearly titles like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed is enough to keep your current consoles active in 2014.

What are you most excited for entering 2014? Sound off in the comments below. And just in case we miss the chance - Happy New Year to everybody! Hope you all have a good one.

The Wii U needs to catch a break

Wii U sad Since the release of the Wii U, Nintendo is having a hard time finding a place in the market. Why is it a big problem now? Well, it's only competing against current-gen consoles...and it's struggling. Where it stands now, consoles such as the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, even the Wii still remain at the top.

The  Wii U is Nintendo's console for the coming years, but the appeal seen so far makes me worried. With PS4 and the Xbox One just around the corner, the incentive to consider the  Wii U u during the holidays is slim. The problem that Nintendo is currently facing is how to stand out. The previous console, the Wii, had so much more going for it back in the day; A new unique way to play games( motion controls) and exclusive titles on platform launch( twilight princess). What the  Wii U had during last years launch was close to nothing. No big first-party title as well as no feature to really stand out. And that highly mentioned third-party support during the start slowly dwindled as the months went by. The extra screen on the pad was a neat idea, but the PS3's six axis was also a neat idea, and we know how that turned out. The gamepad's extra screen, which Nintendo tried so hard to convince people it's a big feaure, is nothing if you put it side by side with the Wii's motion controls. That control scheme did it for the Wii. It kept the console afloat for years. The casual crowd just loved it. The  Wii U just doesn't have that, and what it currently offers is about the same as everything else out now.

Graphics have been upgraded to match current consoles today, great, but when the new batch of consoles get released, they are back at the tail end visually. I'm not saying graphics are everything. It's just an edge against them that Nintendo insists on living with. Is Nintendo worried? I'm positive, especially when the Wii is doing slightly better than their next-gen console..

Nintendo reported their financials since April 1 to June 30 and revealed that they sold 160,000 Wii U units globally. Let that sink in for a minute...okay let me make it worse. On the same months, the Wii did even better selling 210,000 units.  I'm not sure how they would allow sales like this to happen. The company is still earning profits overall thanks to great sales elsewhere and the 3DS finally selling like hotcakes, but I'm sure they were not expecting these kinds of figures.


But there's still time. There's no more room for error though. Games are really what matters and Nintendo's prized possessions are still on their way. Mario, Zelda, and the rest of the Nintendo band Wagon has yet to hit the Wii U, so don't count out this console just yet. All it needs is an opening. Why didn't they start the launch with a big title that is well known and is a sure sell? I have no clue. Pikmin 3 is out now and is one of the big titles to hit the console this year. As we get closer to the holidays, the Wii U needs exclusive games like Pikmin to pull people to buy the console, to get some kind of momentum. The month after that we get The Wonderful 101, but that might take a beating since Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled on the same week (Why Nintendo? Why!?). It's going to be a rough year for the young Wii U. Once the PS4 and Xbox One gets released, it will get even harder since it will be a three-way fight to get consumers attention.z

It's not a race, But it's a war, and Nintendo is already taking a lot of hits without the next generation at full swing yet. The Wii U needs to catch a break. I don't see it getting one this year, but maybe next year we'll see it turn around with back-up from games like Super Smash Bros U, the new Zelda game, and Bayonetta 2.

[Source: IT World]

Pikmin 3 Gameplay Basics trailer

pikmin-3-ss01 Got a Wii U, but need a new game? Don't worry, Pikmin 3 is just around the corner. But just in case you don't remember how this game works, or rather you have no idea what you're getting into, Nintendo released a new trailer briefly explaining the basic gameplay.

I'm happy to see Pikmin 3 finally hitting the shelves. Not because I'm a huge fan, but because I'd like to think this is Nintendo finally bringing out the good stuff for the Wii U. Their new console will have the hardest year with the console wars now in full swing, so yes, I'm rooting for the underdog and it starts with the success of their exclusive titles. Pikmin 3 needs to start the Wii U's momentum right entering the second half of the year and I'm pretty sure Nintendo realizes this as well.

Pikmin 3 will be an exclusive title for the Wii U, and will be available on July 26 in Europe, and August 4 in the US.

E3 2013: New Title in development on Wii U by Monolith Soft, Inc.

XenoU_01A new untitled game has been revealed by Nintendo that is being developed by Monolith Soft, Inc. Not to be confused with the F.E.A.R. developers Monolith.XenoU_03No combat was shown but there looked to be game combat scenarios which the player just didn't interact with. Aside from the giant sword wielding RPG stuff, there are giant robots. I love me so mecha. It looks like you'll be able to take control of multiple mechs such as a humanoid mech with a flight pack and one that transforms into a tank.

XenoU_06Taking their experience working on Xenoblade: Chronicles, you can tell that the game looks to take a lot of inspiration from it. Could this possibly be a sequel to Xenoblade? XenoU_08

Right now the game has no title but the 'X' teased at the end (though not entirely the same) looks to be written in the same vain as the X on the Xenoblade title which just further proves the theory that the game takes place in the same world possibly set in the future. The full title for this new game will be revealed in 2014.

E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Trailer

super_mario_3d_world_01 This might not be the Wii U Mario game that Nintendo fans might be looking for but it looks like a fun entry that's a bit bigger than New Super Mario Bros. U.


Similar to Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, Super Mario 3D World is basically the same game only made bigger since it's on the Wii U. With up to 4 players for some zany and frantic Mario Bros. mayhem, they might seem a bit familiar. Instead of having two random Toads fill in the 3 and 4 player spot, Princess Peach has returned to the roster. Much like Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Doki Doki Panic one), Luigi has his floaty jump, Peach can hover in the air for a few seconds and Toad can run faster.


A new power up has also been included. Grabbing a bell will transform Mario into Cat Mario which lets him run up walls and do a dive pounce from mid-air.

Though not the most original of Nintendo games, you can be assured that this game will still have a lot of polish and will be fun to play with friends and family. Plus that new overworld theme is just so catchy.

Super Mario 3D World will be available for the Wii U in December of this year.