Pikmin 3 Gameplay Basics trailer

pikmin-3-ss01 Got a Wii U, but need a new game? Don't worry, Pikmin 3 is just around the corner. But just in case you don't remember how this game works, or rather you have no idea what you're getting into, Nintendo released a new trailer briefly explaining the basic gameplay.

I'm happy to see Pikmin 3 finally hitting the shelves. Not because I'm a huge fan, but because I'd like to think this is Nintendo finally bringing out the good stuff for the Wii U. Their new console will have the hardest year with the console wars now in full swing, so yes, I'm rooting for the underdog and it starts with the success of their exclusive titles. Pikmin 3 needs to start the Wii U's momentum right entering the second half of the year and I'm pretty sure Nintendo realizes this as well.

Pikmin 3 will be an exclusive title for the Wii U, and will be available on July 26 in Europe, and August 4 in the US.