Borderlands 2 getting more DLC, Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 on the way

BL2_DLC3-ss01 Thought Gearbox Software is done with the whole adding DLC support to Borderlands 2? Think again. Randy Pitchford today at PAX Australia just announced a good amount of DLC news planned for release in the coming months. One in particular, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2, will increase the level cap by 11, making the max level to 72.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 will cost $5 on release, and no this is not included in the season pass. The pack will not only add more levels for you to grind, you will also get the "Digistruct Peak Challenge", which puts the vault hunters, with the help of Professor Tannis, to train future Crimson Raiders after the events of the main story. Also, you'll get the ability to tweak your game difficulty if you want a challenge.

During the announcement, Randy Pitchford also mentioned more DLC is planned. There will be these packs called "Headhunter Packs", and the first one mentioned was "T.K. Baha's Bloody Harvest". There's not much detailed infomation about these packs,but they are planning to release three of these Headhunter Packs. No word on how much these will cost when they get released.

They also talked about freebie content updates. Like, extra bank slots, extra inventory slots and ammo capacity. All are expected to arrive before Halloween.

This bit of news had the perfect timing. I just got Borderlands 2 together with it's season pass and I just can't let go of the controller. It's quite a surprise to see the developers still hard at work in producing more content for a game that will soon hit it's one year mark. You rarely see that kind of support, but Borderlands is Gearbox Software's baby after all, their pride and joy. Well, I'm excited. Time to get back on my Gunzerker and just go crazy in Pandora.

[Source: OXM]