E3 2013: New Title in development on Wii U by Monolith Soft, Inc.

XenoU_01A new untitled game has been revealed by Nintendo that is being developed by Monolith Soft, Inc. Not to be confused with the F.E.A.R. developers Monolith.XenoU_03No combat was shown but there looked to be game combat scenarios which the player just didn't interact with. Aside from the giant sword wielding RPG stuff, there are giant robots. I love me so mecha. It looks like you'll be able to take control of multiple mechs such as a humanoid mech with a flight pack and one that transforms into a tank.

XenoU_06Taking their experience working on Xenoblade: Chronicles, you can tell that the game looks to take a lot of inspiration from it. Could this possibly be a sequel to Xenoblade? XenoU_08

Right now the game has no title but the 'X' teased at the end (though not entirely the same) looks to be written in the same vain as the X on the Xenoblade title which just further proves the theory that the game takes place in the same world possibly set in the future. The full title for this new game will be revealed in 2014.

E3 2013: Super Mario 3D World Trailer

super_mario_3d_world_01 This might not be the Wii U Mario game that Nintendo fans might be looking for but it looks like a fun entry that's a bit bigger than New Super Mario Bros. U.


Similar to Super Mario 3D Land for the 3DS, Super Mario 3D World is basically the same game only made bigger since it's on the Wii U. With up to 4 players for some zany and frantic Mario Bros. mayhem, they might seem a bit familiar. Instead of having two random Toads fill in the 3 and 4 player spot, Princess Peach has returned to the roster. Much like Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Doki Doki Panic one), Luigi has his floaty jump, Peach can hover in the air for a few seconds and Toad can run faster.


A new power up has also been included. Grabbing a bell will transform Mario into Cat Mario which lets him run up walls and do a dive pounce from mid-air.

Though not the most original of Nintendo games, you can be assured that this game will still have a lot of polish and will be fun to play with friends and family. Plus that new overworld theme is just so catchy.

Super Mario 3D World will be available for the Wii U in December of this year.

E3 2013: Super Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U

super smash bros 3ds wiiuJust like they said, a new Super Smash Bros. game has been revealed for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

At first glance it looks pretty much the same as Super Smash Bros. Brawl, graphics wise, if not cleaner. I expected the 3DS graphics to look a little better but if the gameplay is equally awesome then I won't be complaining.

Enough about the formalities. Aside from the announcement of a new Super Smash Bros. itself, the next most important detail about this announcement are the new characters. The Villager from Animal Crossing is now a playable character. So that's cool.

Psyche! A new guest character has been revealed for the new Super Smash Bros. and that character is the blue super fighting robot, Mega Man! Seriously, I shouted out loud here in my apartment that I think even the neighbors freaked out a little. My favorite video game character in the new installment of my favorite video game series. I'm just so happy right now.

super smash bros megaman

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U is set to come out in 2014 which is perfect since all my money will probably go to new video games or possibly a PS4 this holiday season. Maybe even both.

New Nintendo Direct focuses mainly on the 3DS

Nintendo Direct Last Nintendo Direct covered tons of Wii U news, but this time the spotlight is on the 3DS. What are the big announcements? Donkey Kong Country Returns coming to the 3DS, a new Mario RPG is coming, and a release date for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, once again hosts Nintendo Direct. During the start of the presentation, Iwata marked this year as the year of Luigi. Nintendo feels Luigi needs more love, so they have a good amount of Luigi games planned for 2013. The first one? The sequel to his first ever game as the lead.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon - 3DS

Luigi's Manion Dark Moon launches March 24.

Iwata also announced a new entry in the Mario and Luigi RPG series.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team - 3DS

No release date was given, but Dream Team will be launched sometime in summer in the US, which should be around July for us.


To further bombard us with Luigi news, Nintendo also announced during this Nintendo Direct that a new DLC called New Super Luigi U(image above) will be coming to New Super Mario U for the Wii U. The title pretty much explains everything really. The DLC, or rather the expansion, will include Luigi-themed levels. No date was given, but expect it this year.

Mario Golf: World Tour

The presentation debuted another new game for the 3DS - Mario Golf: World Tour. Camelot, the developers of past Mario Golf games return for the 3DS title.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

This Nintendo Direct also covered the latest entry in the Animal Crossing series. Along with a new trailer, they also announced the release date - June 9.

Nintendo Direct is really a bag filled with new Nintendo announcements. Wii U wasn't the focus,, but was not forgotten. LEGO City Undercover was shown together with release dates for games coming to the Wii U like - Injustice: Gods Among us on March 16, Need for Speed: Most Wanted U on March 19, The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts on March 26, and last but not least, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming on March 19 for both Wii U and 3DS. If you're eager to try out the new Monster Hunter title, a demo will be available on February 21 on both platforms at the eshop.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D


And to close of this Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announces Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the 3DS. The Donkey Kong Wii title is getting a 3D makeover and is planned for a summer release. No footage was reveal but just think Donkey Kong Country Returns, but in 3D.

That's about it for this Nintendo Direct, there's a lot more mentioned like new DLC for Fire Emblem: Awakening, new DLC for Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge, more Nintendo promotions and a lot more. To see the full Nintendo Direct presentation, check it out below.

Nintendo Direct 02.14.13



Latest Nintendo Direct talks all about Wii U and its upcoming games

Mario Galaxy2 The latest Nintendo Direct was packed with Wii U game announcements. Games like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Monolith's Project X title, and with Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem were presented. But after all that, there was bigger news that involved Mario, Zelda, and that Smash Bros. game people love so much.

The games we want are coming

Nintendo announced that a new 3D Mario game and Mario Kart game is currently in development for the Wii U. Nothing was shown yet, but Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata says that these games will make an appearance in this year's E3 in a playable form.


Smash Bros. gets a small mention during the presentation. Development is still on track and expect to see the first screens of the game during this year's E3. E3 kicks off this June 11.

The Zelda Wii U game was also mentioned during the presentation. Sadly, the new Zelda game is still not ready for a reveal. Nintendo asks fans to wait a little while longer. To make the wait a lot easier, they announced that they will be remaking The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Wii U with enhanced graphics. They did not go into detail whether there will be added content or changes to the gameplay. No release date was given yet.

They also reveal a new Wii U party game that features different kinds of game styles that utilizes the Wii U GamePad. Casual games that are best played as a group, or games that let you go head-to-head with a friend with just the GamePad. It's planned to launch this summer.


One more game to mention -Yoshi is finally coming back with Yarn Yoshi. The last Yoshi game was Yoshi's Story that was on the Nintendo 64, way back in 1998. The new Yoshi game will get similar visuals seen in Kirby's Epic Yarn. Takashi Tezuka, director of Yoshi’s Story, will be supervising the development.

Wii U updates, Virtual Console, and Miiverse updates

The Wii U will have 2 major updates: The Spring update(around March), and the Summer (around June) update. These updates will improve the loading time when launch software, and shorten how long it takes to return to the Wii U menu screen.

The Spring update, will include a feature that allow players to browse their Miiverse with their smartphones. The feature will be browser-based but Nintendo plans to make a Miiverse app in the future.

A new Wii U Fit app Wii Fit U Communities was revealed giving player the ability to create communities in the miiverse to discuss exercise BMI, weight changes and other health topics with other players.

Virtual Console (seen in the 3DS and Wii), an online service that allows players to buy classic Nintendo titles, will be hitting the Wii U after the Spring update. All Virtual Console titles already on the Wii will be made available in the Wii U version, but not the full line-up will be available on release. The cost of these games on the Wii U will be the same price as the ones found on the Wii. if by any chance you already own some Virtual Console games on the Wii, you can purchase the Wii U version at a reduced price of $1 for NES games and $1.50 for Super NES games.

Also announced is the 30th anniversary celebration of the release of the Famicom (NES) in Japapan. In celebration, Nintendo will be releasing one classic famicom game each month for only 30 cents for 30 days. The promo will start this January and will last until July. Here's the list.

  • January - balloon Fight
  • February - F-Zero
  • March - Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream
  • April - Kirby's Adventure
  • May - Super Metroid
  • June - Yoshi
  • July - Donkey Kong

Whew, that's a lot to take in. Nintendo is going all out and that's good to see since they have a new console now out. You can watch the full Nintendo Direct presentation below.