The TMG Podcast episode 4-ish: GTA Online, BF4 Open Beta, Tom Clancy's passing

cover For this episode of The TMG Podcast,Carlos, Will, and Migoy had to cut things very short thanks to some technical difficulties. We discussed the issues of Grand Theft Auto Online, talk a bit of Tom Clancy's passing,experiences with the Battlefield 4 Open Beta, and other games we got to experience during last week.

Episode Breakdown:

- GTA Online - Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes - BF4 open beta - Tom Clancy's passing at 66

It was a busy week, but we were able to discuss a few topics before issues started showing up, as well as sticking with a new release every week. Check out next week for another episode every Tuesday!

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TMG Podcast Episode 7 - Holy crap! World of Warcraft Will Never Die

In this episode we take more about battlefield 3 and Dark Souls, only difference is Battlefield 3 is out and we've been playing it. After our banter we tackle a bit of news. Two big announcements coming from Blizzcon 2011 and the reveal of GTA V. Excited for another Grand Theft Auto?

End of October had some pretty interesting reveals.  Blizzcon 2011 ended, and instead of earning a released date for Diablo 3 in the event, we find out another expansion for WoW is on the way. Mists of Pandaria? Man their running out of ideas seriously. Blizzcon wasn't a total lose for me since they revealed Starcraft 2's new units coming form Heart of the Swarm.

We wanted to talk more about Nintendo as a whole since I think they need to get their act together. The future of Nintendo is the Wii U and we still have little information, at the same time the 3DS isn't earning as much as they expected leaving them to add stuff like peripheral for a right stick(Most likely for Monster hunter-ish games). Also wanted to talk about some Uncharted 3 since I've finished the epic campaign. We'll talk more about that next time.


- Dark Souls - Battlefield 3


- World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Expansion announcement - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm new units reveal - DC Universe Online going Free to Play actually working - GTA V announced

TMG Podcast #7 - Recorded on 11/02/11

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TMG Podcast episode #5 - "A whole lotta Dead Island"

TMG Podcast Episode #5 is here! Quash, Kage, and Tim talk about the overly hyped Dead Island, the crazy hard Dark Souls, and Battlefield 3 that will be out on Oct 25.

In this episode, we talk focus just about three games this week. Dead Island I've already finished and yet to finish again with Kage and Tim. Sadly, one of us is always MIA, so we don't get much done since we planned to only play when all three of us is on. We're playing Dead Island on the PC and we give our thoughts about the open world zombie coop game that I think was too over hyped.

We also talk about Dark Souls - An RPG that I'm sure everybody is playing now. They've tried it, I'm currently playing it, and its just an amazing game. Certainly a must try. We also gave our thoughts about Battlefield 3 and its open beta. Hyped for Battlefield 3? or are you going straight to MW3?

TMG Podcast will now be every 1st and 3rd week of the month and will now be a tad shorter than the rest. Please do comment and we'd appreciate if you give some feedback as we slowly make the TMG Podcast a regular.

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TMG Podcast Episode 04: "The Revamp show"

And we're at it again, but with changes. The TMG Podcast is a show about the TMG crew having a good conversation about anything related to video games. Be it a new game release, a huge announcement, or just us banter about something completely stupid, or something hilarious about gaming.

In this episode, Quash, Kage, and Tim discuss - News of Dragon Age 3, the evolution of Dragon Age, Bioware as a whole, Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3, Dead Island, Torchlight 2, Age of Conan, Deus Ex: Human RevolutionStar Wars: The Old Republic, a bit of World of Warcraft talk, and even answer a good question " If you could buy only one game, would you pick Guild Wars 2 or Diablo 3??".

SPOILER ALERT!  We mention endings of Dragon Age: Origins and Knights of the Old Republic(KOTOR).  If you haven't finished Dragon Age: Orgins and want to avoid any spoilers, please skip 3:20 to 4:00 to avoid the talk about the ending of Origins. For people who haven't played KOTOR, skip 55:10 to 55:20 to avoid the ending of KOTOR.

Why did we have spoilers? well we're having a free discussion with a recorder in the middle, Thus us swearing a lot. The spoiler just came out i guess when we we're talking. We apologize for having spoilers, next episode we will make sure we avoid spilling out spoilers. Swearing? well, we'll just tone it down a bit. Maybe bleep it out? we'll see, but for now we're keeping episode 4 raw.

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We had a blast so we hope you enjoy it as well. We'd appreciate it if you guys give us your feedback and comments so do hit the comments section.