TMG Podcast Episode 7 - Holy crap! World of Warcraft Will Never Die

In this episode we take more about battlefield 3 and Dark Souls, only difference is Battlefield 3 is out and we've been playing it. After our banter we tackle a bit of news. Two big announcements coming from Blizzcon 2011 and the reveal of GTA V. Excited for another Grand Theft Auto?

End of October had some pretty interesting reveals.  Blizzcon 2011 ended, and instead of earning a released date for Diablo 3 in the event, we find out another expansion for WoW is on the way. Mists of Pandaria? Man their running out of ideas seriously. Blizzcon wasn't a total lose for me since they revealed Starcraft 2's new units coming form Heart of the Swarm.

We wanted to talk more about Nintendo as a whole since I think they need to get their act together. The future of Nintendo is the Wii U and we still have little information, at the same time the 3DS isn't earning as much as they expected leaving them to add stuff like peripheral for a right stick(Most likely for Monster hunter-ish games). Also wanted to talk about some Uncharted 3 since I've finished the epic campaign. We'll talk more about that next time.


- Dark Souls - Battlefield 3


- World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Expansion announcement - Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm new units reveal - DC Universe Online going Free to Play actually working - GTA V announced

TMG Podcast #7 - Recorded on 11/02/11

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