TMG Podcast episode #5 - "A whole lotta Dead Island"

TMG Podcast Episode #5 is here! Quash, Kage, and Tim talk about the overly hyped Dead Island, the crazy hard Dark Souls, and Battlefield 3 that will be out on Oct 25.

In this episode, we talk focus just about three games this week. Dead Island I've already finished and yet to finish again with Kage and Tim. Sadly, one of us is always MIA, so we don't get much done since we planned to only play when all three of us is on. We're playing Dead Island on the PC and we give our thoughts about the open world zombie coop game that I think was too over hyped.

We also talk about Dark Souls - An RPG that I'm sure everybody is playing now. They've tried it, I'm currently playing it, and its just an amazing game. Certainly a must try. We also gave our thoughts about Battlefield 3 and its open beta. Hyped for Battlefield 3? or are you going straight to MW3?

TMG Podcast will now be every 1st and 3rd week of the month and will now be a tad shorter than the rest. Please do comment and we'd appreciate if you give some feedback as we slowly make the TMG Podcast a regular.

Head over to the link now for TMG Podcast Episode 5! recorded on: (10/09/11)