Street Fighter X Tekken Brazil Game Show Teasers

bitch slap  

As with previous Street Fighter x Tekken teaser trailers, we are only shown very vague screenshots of the characters that will be making the roster. These are a little different though.

Instead of each teaser video showing 1 character, the videos now contain 3 characters. If it really is 3 character per teaser then that means we just got 9 for the Street Fighter side also meaning that the next batch would be for 9 Tekken characters. Wow, who else is getting completely stoked for this game?


This on is easy, I'm guessing Dan, Juri, and C. Viper.


Mech Zangief is obvious due to his crotch pic. I'm going with DeeJay for the other one but that purple pic has me completely stumped.


That's definitely Balrog's boot on top. Sodom's arm on the left. I don't know whose light blue arm that is, people are saying it's R. Mika's but I just don't know.