Pick 5(Spoiler Edition): disappointing final boss fights in this generation

Dissapointing final boss fights in this generation In most video games, you are treated with a final battle, a final encounter that will conclude the journey you've invested hours in. A lot can be quite epic that leaves you goosebumps after your done, but a lot can make you go "That's it?!". That's what this Pick 5 is all about this week. Final boss battles that were simply disappointing.

SPOILER ALERT! - Yes we're talking about final boss fights so we might spoil it for you if you haven't played the games mentioned. You've been warned, but if you don't give a damn, by all means.. continue. 

Halo 4 - Master Chief vs Didact


I had a great time with Halo 4. It had its high and lows, but one thing that made me shake my head was towards the end of the game. After a good build up for an antagonist to really push Master Chief past his limits, he literally falls short in making him or you any challenge. As you meet him in the bridge, Master Chief is again unable to move thanks to the Didacts psychic-ish powers, eventually leaving the famous Spartan helpless. With the help of Cortana for one last time, you do a very easy, and very quick Quick Time Event to take him down. That's it.

I wanted a full-blown battle against the Didact, but I guess it was too much to ask. Sure, Halo 3 had nothing at the end, just a race to the Forward Unto Dawn then credits start rolling, but 343 Industries created a worthy Antagonist that deserved a good battle. Yet another reason I want QTE(Quick Time Events) to be eliminated in all games forever.

Guild Wars 2 - Zhaitan 


Oh Zhaitan, the undead Elder Dragon that has been tormenting the world of Tyria for the longest time finally meets its match towards the end of your characters personal story. I actually made a mistake thinking this would be epic. It's a battle against a dragon, and most battles against a dragon can be memorable. So I saved it, but once I finally did the final battle, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, hoping there was another form of some sort. But no, after a tediously long dungeon, you face Zhaitan himself in the skies while on board an airship, once you see the dragon in the flesh, that's where it gets dull.

Undead forces start boarding the ship. Naturally, we dispose of them fairly easy, after that, we get to damage Zhaitan by using the cannons on the ship. THAT"S THE FIGHT. You have one of the strongest creature in the world of Tyria, clinging on a tower, getting shot at by cannons, doing nothing but scream in agony. Enemies keep boarding, with Zhaitan's tentacles on the ship as well, but is easy to dispose off if you ask one of your party members to get off his cannon and fend them off. ArenaNet failed to capitalize on a battle that could have been memorable for everybody that has reached the end of their personal story. I wish they take this as a lesson for future boss battles because I can't believe world bosses are more epic than the final one.

Dead Island - Ryder White


The final encounter for Dead Island was none other than the guy in the radio, which is also the character you play on one of the DLC. This was disappointing not because of how the fight went, but because of how easy it is to either glitch him, or simple kill. Ryder White uses the antidote after getting infected by his wife. Sad to say, the antidote made him into this crazy zombie brute.

Fight starts, and if your strong enough, use your frenzy skill and he will be down in less than a minute. The End. Me and my buddies were laughing how it was harder to get to the final fight. I actually felt bad for the guy, having 4 people gang up on an infected guy that just wanted to save his wife. My next playthrough with another character was even more depressing. Thinking I'd get a good challenge alone, for some reason I had Ryder not moving when the fight started. Only when his life hit 20% did he start moving , but by then he was dead. I would have been ok if they didn't bother including a final encounter, but they tried anyway and it turned out to be another zombie that's bigger than usual.

Mass Effect 3 - there was none


Don't worry, this won't be a rant about the ending, I'm actually one of the small few that was okay with the original endings. But moving on, why is this on the list? Because there was no damn final encounter. First game it had Saren, controlled by the Reapers. Next, ME2 had the human Reaper battle. For the final game, we get nothing really. Before reaching the beam that teleports you to the Citadel, you were tasked to hold off wave after waves of enemies, giving EDI enough time to ready the missiles to destroy the huge reaper in your way. That's about it really.

I was expecting Harbinger, the reaper that I consider as the true antagonist of the game, or anything really. With the first two games having great final battles, I'm sure everybody was expecting something.  I feel that having no final boss fight was way more disappointing than the ending people were so angry about.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - Leon 


Oh god. Not only was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City a horrible game, its boss fight was one of the worst ever. You finally catch up to Leon and your group is given a choice - Execute Leon S. Kennedy, or spare him. Now, if your playing the campaign with other players, they each get to decide individually. If you decide to kill Leon, you are with the group of people that picked the same choice. If you decided to spare him, you side with Leon and go against the people who chose to kill him. And there ya go, your final battle which turns out to be a team deathmatch with other players. To make matters worse, when the ending scene rolled, there was no audio for me. I can't believe I bought this game on day one. I'll take this opportunity to say "Don't buy this game, you will only get a headache."

There's a couple more, but these five really made a bad impression when the credits started rolling. What about you? Any final boss fights that fell short in bringing an epic conclusion??

Review: Dead Island

Dead Island review

Ever since the first cinematic trailer of the fresh-looking Dead Island came out, I’ve been massively hyped for the release of the game. An open world zombie survival horror FPS co-op game with RPG elements, focused on melee gameplay? Sounds like a surefire winner, right? Well, truth be told I got everything I wanted out of the game, but perhaps owing to its far-reaching ambition, Dead Island has tons of glitches, issues that prevent it from living up to the huge hype and expectations surrounding it.

Just forget about the story and enjoy…

Sadly, it’s best to do so and whether you like it or not you will find yourself occasionally skipping what NPC quest-givers or main characters are trying to say.

So, this time the zombie apocalypse happens on a paradise island called Banoi, a famous vacation spot for celebrities and rich folk. The four main characters, after a long night partying, wake up in a hotel surrounded by zombies. As you escape the hotel (pretty much the tutorial part of the game) you’re aided by a voice on the radio. Unfortunately, you get bitten but are luckily saved by a group of survivors before you get eaten alive. You then find out that the four main characters from the hotel are immune to the disease. Then there you go! Free roam starts and you can start to save people, receive quests, and more importantly, kill zombies!

Dead Island Review

The story of Dead Island tries its best to be engaging and emotional, but it simply wasn’t enough to make me care much. Towards the end, I found myself more engaged in discovering what we had to do or kill next than wondering how we were going to escape the island. When the credits started rolling I definitely felt a sense of satisfaction - not from the story, but from the gameplay and how fun it was. The story was completely forgettable and felt like it was placed there simply for the sake of having one, something that kind of betrays the tone of that first trailer.

Melee combat can actually work for FPS

Admirably, developer Techland tried to make the game realistic as possible, whatever that means in a game where you battle the living dead. With the goal of realism in mind, Dead Island’s gameplay is all about melee combat. Guns aren’t the stars of this zombie game. Melee weapons are all you need to survive Dead Island. While guns are present in the game, there’s not enough lying around for them to be a main weapon of choice. While Dead Island’s devs say ammo is limited, it really isn’t if you use it wisely. It’s just that the damage difference between guns and weapons is huge, so you’re better off rocking most of the game with melee weapons and saving up your guns for later.

Controls are pretty responsive for a game focused on melee combat. Everything you do relies on stamina so you have to play smart, knowing when to swing, dodge or run away from a group of zombies. All you need to engage a zombie up close is built into the game mechanics, and when you get bitten or hit it’s mostly at your own fault for over-extending or using too much stamina by swinging like a madman. When you engage a zombie, a cursor indicates what part of its body you will hit if you swing your weapon so it’s pretty fun and easy if you’re attempting to behead a zombie, or simply chop its arm with precision. You can also kick them off their feet, which I think is broken since it’s the only move that doesn’t require stamina. Early on in the game you can expect to see tons of new players kicking zombies to death to preserve the durability of their weapons.

Dead Island Review

RPG aspect of Dead Island…

There’s four characters to choose from, each with their own back-story and specialization. Logan specializes with throwing weapons, Pugna’s great with firearms, Xian with sharp weapons, and Sam B’s the expert on blunt weapons. There are three skill trees – Fury, Combat, and Survival. Each character has the same skill trees but with different skills in them. There’s not much variety since there’s enough skill points to go around with the level 50 cap and there are skills that are pretty much useless, but what’s good is that each player plays differently. Each character is outfitted with a unique Fury ability, and skills that only they have. For example, Logan has the boomerang passive skill that gives him a chance to pick up his weapon instantly after he throws it, or Sam B’s shoulder ram ability. The Fury acts like an “Oh shit” panic button when you get overwhelmed.

There’s a huge variety of melee weapons to choose from. Like they’d teach you in a self-defense class, there are two types - blades or blunt weapons. Blades provide more damage but weak force (stopping power) and durability, while blunt weapons aren’t as strong but last longer and can stop any zombie running straight at you. What type is best? Well, it’s a matter of preference and it depends greatly on which character you’re playing since some characters specialize in those types of weapons.

Durability is very important in Dead Island and can be a pain in the early stages of the game. You need to repair constantly; every attack you inflict on a zombie with a melee weapon reduces its durability. When your weapon wears out from constant swings, you’re better off using your fists even though you’re holding an epic axe, simply because damage becomes laughable. For the first hours, you’re constantly switching from weapon to weapon since they don’t last long. As you get further in the game you find better weapons that last longer, but the cost to repair them hurts so much that you’ll likely consider saving your legendary crowbar for a tougher foe.

Dead Island Review

The weapon system is given some depth by the ability to create mods for your weapons, and by upgrading them. As you complete quests and explore the island, you encounter weapon mods or blueprints that improve your weapons and can give them special attributes (lighting, fire, poison, etc). Each item or mod requires certain materials you need to gather, and a bit of money. There are a lot of materials scattered around the island so it’s not hard at all to find 3 nails for your ‘Nail’d’ mod or a bunch of batteries, duct tape, and wire for your ‘Shock’ mod. There is no limit to how many materials your character can carry which is dumb considering that they limit you on how many weapons you can carry. Just keep looting for materials; you can carry x99 bolts if you want. The fact that there’s no limit on materials defeats the purpose of having item storage present in the game.

Upgrading is pretty straightforward. You can upgrade any weapon up to four times, simply increasing the damage and stats. Some are pretty costly (especially guns) so you need to be picky in terms of what you need upgraded. Weapons are everywhere so I ran into those dreaded instances were my new upgraded baseball bat could be easily replaced with a machete ten minutes later. Repairing, creating mods for weapons and upgrading them all happens at workbenches scattered all over the island. There’s always one nearby when you need it. The only issue is finding the money to repair, mod and upgrade.

Survival is my default mindset when playing something like Dead Island, but for a survival game, the various materials and weapons are easy to come by. Why? Well because some items found in the world can respawn. Need duct tape? Well there’s this one place where you can get two and all you need to do to loot them again is to fast travel somewhere and fast travel back to respawn the two items. There’s no sense of scarce resources in this game, which is ironic since it takes place on an isolated island. Looting luggage will either give money or random materials, but if you go somewhere that invokes loading and return, that same luggage will be there unopened and ready to be looted. This destroys the all-important sense of survival that I find crucial in these kinds of games - you have no fear of using up that certain item or material.

Dead ISland Review

Death is also an issue in Dead Island, or rather, the lack of gravity associated with it. Low on health? Kill yourself to get back your life; you only lose a fraction of your money anyways. There’s no big consequence when you die in this game. When you die, all you lose is a little money, something that can be earned easily after a few loots. The game doesn’t instill that sense of fear, doesn’t ever put you in a situation where you have 3 bars of life left and you’re desperately struggling to not meet your end.

As for the dead themselves, don’t think you’ll be fighting against the same bunch of zombies over and over again. They have a variety of different zombies to keep you on your toes. While you’ll experience the normal sluggish zombies at the start, you’ll then experience zombies that run, explode, charge, spit, and tough-guy zombies that knock you down with one swing. These kinds of zombies do sound awfully familiar to a game with a somewhat similar concept, but they are just what this game needs to keep the killing fresh.

Cooperative play is a must…

Okay, so not entirely a must - it’s just the best way to play Dead Island. Seriously, given the choice, would you play this game without a friend? Then again, some might. I’m not judging! Point is, this game is structured for co-op play, with a drop-in, drop-out feature that works like a charm. If you set your game for public co-op play, the game will always inform you if there is a player nearby that’s on the same quest. In a press of a button, you join the player’s game and there you go - co-op - with the same progression (and hopefully the same level) too. It’s the same with other players: if they see you, they can instantly jump in and join your game.

When you have other players joining your game, the zombies’ health increases so you’ll need a couple more swings compared to your solo play. The enemies’ level is also based on the hosts level so if you joined a game with a player two levels under you, you’ll be fighting zombie at that level.

Dead Island

Great visuals, amazing lighting, and zombie chopping

Dead Island’s visuals are surprisingly amazing at first glance, from the sandy beaches of Banoi to the jungles inhabited by natives. There are four acts in the game, and each act brings you into another huge map, giving you a brand new setting to explore. They made the game look amazing, but in an open world like this, bugs are found everywhere. You’ll see graphic tears here and there and spots where you can get stuck if you’re not careful.

Zombies in this game are perfect. There are different looks to each zombie as you progress and some have weapons at times that fly at your direction if they swing your arms. Cops that have become the walking dead are protected by body armor, and you’ll also experience native zombies later in the game.  You won’t get bored of seeing the same old zombie look as you’re always likely to happen upon a new variety of flesh-eating undead just waiting for you to put your axe in them.

This game is also one of the most brutal zombie games yet.  Since it’s mostly melee, the carnage is seen up close and personal. The ability to pinpoint what part of the body you can hit affects how the zombie takes damage and it’s possible to methodically lop off individual zombie parts. Head, arms, legs; it can be pretty damn messy. The end result after doing some mutilation is the best I’ve seen so far. Yeah, it sounds kind of wrong to point that out, but let’s face it: we’re talking about zombie meeting a deadly weapon of your choice. It should look gruesome, and it does.

The games ambience is not the best. While the game gives that eerie feeling as you walk in a narrow, unlit corridor, it’s hard to notice how effective it is when you have three other people chatting to you with different volume levels. As for solo play, the sound design sure does its job, but when a buddy joins in, how the game sounds is out the door.

Dead Island Review


Too over-hyped? Maybe. Dead Island gave me what I wanted out of it, which was simply a zombie survival game that can be played with up to three friends. The game has frustrating issues, issues that if addressed would have made this a much more solid game. Even with its many bugs and useless story, I was still able to enjoy running around looting, doing quests and leveling up with a friend or three. If that’s your sort of thing, you’re golden. Honestly, any zombie game fan should pick this up, or anybody that wants a co-op game to play with friends, but if you’re looking for a solo experience with a story worth telling, look elsewhere.

Played on: PC

Score: 70/100


-          Amazing melee combat

-          Game’s visuals look gorgeous

-          Great to play with friends


-          Sense of survival Is not really there

-          Horrible story

-          Lots of bugs and issues

-          No big consequence when you die

TMG Podcast episode #5 - "A whole lotta Dead Island"

TMG Podcast Episode #5 is here! Quash, Kage, and Tim talk about the overly hyped Dead Island, the crazy hard Dark Souls, and Battlefield 3 that will be out on Oct 25.

In this episode, we talk focus just about three games this week. Dead Island I've already finished and yet to finish again with Kage and Tim. Sadly, one of us is always MIA, so we don't get much done since we planned to only play when all three of us is on. We're playing Dead Island on the PC and we give our thoughts about the open world zombie coop game that I think was too over hyped.

We also talk about Dark Souls - An RPG that I'm sure everybody is playing now. They've tried it, I'm currently playing it, and its just an amazing game. Certainly a must try. We also gave our thoughts about Battlefield 3 and its open beta. Hyped for Battlefield 3? or are you going straight to MW3?

TMG Podcast will now be every 1st and 3rd week of the month and will now be a tad shorter than the rest. Please do comment and we'd appreciate if you give some feedback as we slowly make the TMG Podcast a regular.

Head over to the link now for TMG Podcast Episode 5! recorded on: (10/09/11)


Find Jason and his weapons in Dead Island

When I say Jason, and you know your classic horror flicks, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Somewhere in act III of Dead Island, you come across a guy in a hut surrounded by zombies called Jason. When you kill him, he drops a machete. Jason Voorhees easter? look around the hut you see a lot of similarities inside plus his chainsaw!  check the video to see it for yourself

I'm currently in act II in Dead Island, playing it on PC and enjoying the hell out of it. This video though makes me want to rush to act III to check this out myself. Jason also seems tough as ever since he tossed a couple of grenades to get the kill. You can't repair the chainsaw and can't be upgraded, but it's a one hit kill......well unless your a special kind of zombie. I wished there was more animation to the chainsaw, but it's an Easter egg after all. Are there any more Easter eggs? I hear there's a lot in the island of Banoi.

Dead Island patch fixes broken PC version of the game, but say goodbye to your save

When Dead Island came out, most PC gamers got first dibs since they bought digital copies from Steam and started downloading the game. Surprisingly enough, that copy of the game in Steam is apparently an old build of the game(actually, its a Xbox 360 dev build) which still had dev keys in them. It was buggy as ever and have cheat codes and a fly mode hotkey'd to the letter 'Y' on your keyboard. Who made the mistake of releasing this copy? no one knows but I'm sure he's kicking himself right now.

Thankfully a patch has come to fix all these issues, but you lose all your save files in the process. Devs couldn't find a way to save your progress and patch up this pre-released version of the game so they decided to provide a chapter select so you can at least salvage any progress you've made. Patch is up but another issue showed up. Activating the Ripper weapon(pre-order item) is now not working. Techland is aware of this issue and is looking for a fix. Talk about the worst game release in steam. They feel bad for the players that experienced this pre-release build and will announce a "make up" in the coming days.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game is out now in the Philippines with the PC retail version still MIA. I so want to get this game but on PC. Been thinking about getting the game when it gets released in steam for us on the 9th but with these kinds of issues? I'll patiently wait for the smoke to clear.

[Source: gamesRadar]