Find Jason and his weapons in Dead Island

When I say Jason, and you know your classic horror flicks, you know exactly who I'm talking about. Somewhere in act III of Dead Island, you come across a guy in a hut surrounded by zombies called Jason. When you kill him, he drops a machete. Jason Voorhees easter? look around the hut you see a lot of similarities inside plus his chainsaw!  check the video to see it for yourself

I'm currently in act II in Dead Island, playing it on PC and enjoying the hell out of it. This video though makes me want to rush to act III to check this out myself. Jason also seems tough as ever since he tossed a couple of grenades to get the kill. You can't repair the chainsaw and can't be upgraded, but it's a one hit kill......well unless your a special kind of zombie. I wished there was more animation to the chainsaw, but it's an Easter egg after all. Are there any more Easter eggs? I hear there's a lot in the island of Banoi.