Play the game that started the FPS genre on your browser

Wolfenstein 3D celebrationIn celebration of Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary, Bethesda released the browser version of the game free of cost. For the people who love FPS games - If you want to know what created your beloved genre, this is it.

You can start playing this classic just by visiting this link.

I've been playing the browser version for a while now and thanks to shooters we play today, the controls took awhile to get used to. First time players will be shocked with the number of lacking features that come standard now to modern-day shooters. For instance, the game didn't even need you to reload your gun. I was literally pressing R on reaction, because that's just what you do in games like these.

While playing, it made me realize one thing - Modern day shooters are too damn linear.  The need to explore in order to survive the stage are close to non-existent now in modern-day shooters. Sure, there are games that provide a less linear experience, but there isn't enough going around. Nowadays, it's pretty much go to point A to point B by following that damn arrow. Oh, and stay in cover if you need to recover. The fear of getting lost and dying isn't the same nowadays. Playing Wolfenstein 3D made me miss that. I'm playing the game on the second to the last highest difficulty and the need to explore to find those health packs and ammo in order to stay alive brought extra fun out of this classic.

Id Software created Wolfenstein 3D and even the Doom series, which again was the first of its kind. Rage is the latest title from Id Software and is one of the best looking shooters out there thus far.If you haven't got a chance to try Rage, I suggest you give it a try.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad version of the game called Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum is also said to be free for a limited time only.




Steam Daily Deal brings RAGE down to $15

Rage easter eggs For only today, id Software's latest game RAGE is 50% off on Steam. FOR ONLY TODAY, that's why it's called a daily deal after all. So if you've been interested in this shooter, now is the time to give it a try.

How I wish this deal was around before I bought my 360 copy of the game. Oh well, money well spent. The game is around 10- 14 hours long and the gameplay of this game is one of the best you'll ever experience in a shooter.

[Source: Steam]

Rage easter eggs pay tribute to the classic id games

Rage easter eggs You know who created Rage right? they are the makers of the classic Doom series, Quake series, and the first ever First Person Shooter - Wolfenstein 3D. So to pay tribute to their classic games, they placed easter eggs for Rage players to find and enjoy. Wanna see? 

Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg


Doom Easter Egg

Quake Easter Egg

It's pretty awesome and made me want to get a copy of those classic games to play again, or even buy Rage. Too busy dying in Dark Souls though.

Anybody going through Rage right now? it's said to be a great shooter in its own right and to be confused with games like Fallout or Borderlands. It's not Fallout, it's not Borderlands. They just have certain elements that bring out the confusion. It being in a post-apocalyptic setting, open world, and having an inventory system. I say, if you like the old FPS kind of games, then this might just work for you.


Pre-order RAGE in Datablitz for Anarchy DLC

More pre-orders for us! If you live in the Philippines, and want RAGE badly, well you can pre-order now and earn some extra goodies for doing so.

It's good to see more pre-orders happening in Datablitz(our version of gamestop, sadly) aside from EA games. Why? well because if they have a pre-order option, then that means they will actually get the game on the said date. We mostly don't really get a game on the same date as the rest of the world. For example, Deus Ex: Human Revolution came out here days behind the actual date. The dlc is really a bonus, I'm more thrilled with the fact we have a date to look at here in the Philippines.

So hopefully more pre-orders. The Anarchy dlc said above will include:

  • Double barrel shotgun Wasteland settler design and ingenuity! Features compact form factor with plenty of muscle to take out everything from mutants, bandits and maybe even a lone Authority Enforcer.
  • Crimson elite armour This is the most sought-after armour in the wasteland. Constructed of hardened plate armour, this gear was created specifically to withstand the toughest wasteland battles. It also features larger component storage, allowing you to carry more parts that will aid in the fabrication of advanced engineering items.
  • Fists of rage A classic weapon for close quarters combat. When you've run out of ammunition and fists are the only option, these razor sharp knuckle blades will give you that combat edge.
  • Rat rod buggy Improve your odds of survival in the wasteland with this vehicle that comes equipped with a front smash guard and durable protection.

People interested in the pre-order here in the Philippines - Just simply head over to any Datablitz store and cough up P1,000 for PS3 or Xbox 360 version of the game. You have until Oct 2 to pre-order the game and earn the DLC. Save the receipt given and wait for October 4 to hit. The pre-order only lasts until October 23 so don't wait too long to claim your copy, but I'm sure that will never be the case though.

Other countries will upgrade pre-order customers to the Anarchy Edition instantly to earn this DLC. Still not certain if it will be the same here. Will we get an instant upgrade and get an Anarchy Edition copy or simply earn the codes from the desk. They tend to do that sometimes.

A little info about id Software's RAGE

I can't wait for this game. This game has been in my 'to buy list' since the first gameplay footage was shown. This is old school FPS at it's best. It's not a trailer, but more like a six part  behind-the-scene series of the game. With these videos, the hype for this game just gets bigger and bigger.

id Software, if you guy's don't know, are the makers of Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. Pretty much the founders of the FPS genre. This is the first video of the six part series, giving us a brief history on id Software and what they are trying to Achieve with RAGE.



The Dawn developer diary gives us an idea of the story in Rage. This instantly popped in my head when they explained how the game starts, Fallout 3.The way the game starts out, the factions included in the game, everything feels similar to Fallout 3. But don't get me wrong, it's definitely a great start to introduce players to a new world they have never been experienced.

They talk about your role in the game, and as you progress you slowly get a bigger picture on your characters part in the story.



Graphics are amazing. This is the first time id Software will be using their new tech engine id Tech 5. They have been working on this game and this tech for years. First glance of the game was first seen in 2007. So yea, that's a lot of years of development to peek anybody's interest. The next game to use id Tech 5 is Prey 2, but that's set to be released till next year.

This is the latest video released just today. This may seem like a Fallout game, but it's not. As said in the video 'Arsenal', there is currency but not in an RPG aspect. There are vehicle combat included, but like what the video has mentioned, they want the focus to be mostly on the FPS experience. Weapons are important in any FPS game, and with this kind of game, the different guns you acquired as you progress is what makes you go forward. Arsenal explains the weapons in RAGE, showing off the unique guns and equipment you can use to take down any baddie.



If you want to see more gameplay footage, click the link now to see past gameplay trailers of RAGE. There are three more developer diaries to be revealed. I'll be updating this post when id Software reveals the latest developer diary.

RAGE has a new release date, pushed back a bit, it will now be released on October 4 for NA, and October 7 for EU on PC, Playstation, and Xbox 360.