Rage easter eggs pay tribute to the classic id games

Rage easter eggs You know who created Rage right? they are the makers of the classic Doom series, Quake series, and the first ever First Person Shooter - Wolfenstein 3D. So to pay tribute to their classic games, they placed easter eggs for Rage players to find and enjoy. Wanna see? 

Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg


Doom Easter Egg

Quake Easter Egg

It's pretty awesome and made me want to get a copy of those classic games to play again, or even buy Rage. Too busy dying in Dark Souls though.

Anybody going through Rage right now? it's said to be a great shooter in its own right and to be confused with games like Fallout or Borderlands. It's not Fallout, it's not Borderlands. They just have certain elements that bring out the confusion. It being in a post-apocalyptic setting, open world, and having an inventory system. I say, if you like the old FPS kind of games, then this might just work for you.