Steve Jobs passes away at age 56

Very sad news indeed. Apple founder, and former CEO passed away today at the age of 56. Steve jobs was an amazing innovator with amazing achievements and brilliance.  Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, you will definitely be missed by millions.

Steve Jobs' amazing work also touched the gaming industry in a big way. The many successful games created for his creations like the Mac, iphone, ipad, ipod made a mark in gaming history. Aside from gaming, his creations also affected other forms of entertainment with its brilliance. He was also CEO of Pixar Animations at one point that lead the company to produce amazing animated movies that we still adore and love.

He's a visionary, his impressive leadership is what brought Apple to where it is today. Other companies couldn't catch up to Apple thanks to him. Steve Jobs is a legend. He made his mark in the world and only time will tell how the future of the digital world will shape with him now gone. The official site of Apple placed a tribute to Steve Jobs on the main page, go check it out.