Play the game that started the FPS genre on your browser

Wolfenstein 3D celebrationIn celebration of Wolfenstein 3D's 20th anniversary, Bethesda released the browser version of the game free of cost. For the people who love FPS games - If you want to know what created your beloved genre, this is it.

You can start playing this classic just by visiting this link.

I've been playing the browser version for a while now and thanks to shooters we play today, the controls took awhile to get used to. First time players will be shocked with the number of lacking features that come standard now to modern-day shooters. For instance, the game didn't even need you to reload your gun. I was literally pressing R on reaction, because that's just what you do in games like these.

While playing, it made me realize one thing - Modern day shooters are too damn linear.  The need to explore in order to survive the stage are close to non-existent now in modern-day shooters. Sure, there are games that provide a less linear experience, but there isn't enough going around. Nowadays, it's pretty much go to point A to point B by following that damn arrow. Oh, and stay in cover if you need to recover. The fear of getting lost and dying isn't the same nowadays. Playing Wolfenstein 3D made me miss that. I'm playing the game on the second to the last highest difficulty and the need to explore to find those health packs and ammo in order to stay alive brought extra fun out of this classic.

Id Software created Wolfenstein 3D and even the Doom series, which again was the first of its kind. Rage is the latest title from Id Software and is one of the best looking shooters out there thus far.If you haven't got a chance to try Rage, I suggest you give it a try.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad version of the game called Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum is also said to be free for a limited time only.