A little info about id Software's RAGE

I can't wait for this game. This game has been in my 'to buy list' since the first gameplay footage was shown. This is old school FPS at it's best. It's not a trailer, but more like a six part  behind-the-scene series of the game. With these videos, the hype for this game just gets bigger and bigger.

id Software, if you guy's don't know, are the makers of Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. Pretty much the founders of the FPS genre. This is the first video of the six part series, giving us a brief history on id Software and what they are trying to Achieve with RAGE.



The Dawn developer diary gives us an idea of the story in Rage. This instantly popped in my head when they explained how the game starts, Fallout 3.The way the game starts out, the factions included in the game, everything feels similar to Fallout 3. But don't get me wrong, it's definitely a great start to introduce players to a new world they have never been experienced.

They talk about your role in the game, and as you progress you slowly get a bigger picture on your characters part in the story.



Graphics are amazing. This is the first time id Software will be using their new tech engine id Tech 5. They have been working on this game and this tech for years. First glance of the game was first seen in 2007. So yea, that's a lot of years of development to peek anybody's interest. The next game to use id Tech 5 is Prey 2, but that's set to be released till next year.

This is the latest video released just today. This may seem like a Fallout game, but it's not. As said in the video 'Arsenal', there is currency but not in an RPG aspect. There are vehicle combat included, but like what the video has mentioned, they want the focus to be mostly on the FPS experience. Weapons are important in any FPS game, and with this kind of game, the different guns you acquired as you progress is what makes you go forward. Arsenal explains the weapons in RAGE, showing off the unique guns and equipment you can use to take down any baddie.



If you want to see more gameplay footage, click the link now to see past gameplay trailers of RAGE. There are three more developer diaries to be revealed. I'll be updating this post when id Software reveals the latest developer diary.

RAGE has a new release date, pushed back a bit, it will now be released on October 4 for NA, and October 7 for EU on PC, Playstation, and Xbox 360.