One of the reasons why you need to play Portal 2

Portal 2, one of Valve's masterpieces in gaming. The intuitive first person shooter puzzle game. These some of the few reasons why you should play it.

If not for its story, incredible single player campaign, mind bending puzzles, the ability to divide by zero, the witty banter of GLaDOS and Wheatley then here is another reason why you should pick up and play the game right now.

For moments like these.


RGP # 16 - Who let the dogs out?

Random Gaming Post # 16

If ya'll didn't know, we here at TMG are fans of 4playerpodcast and their hilarious antics. One in particular convinced me to get a game I might have never even thought of getting, let alone enjoy. That game is Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii.

David Liao played it live on their Justin.TV feed with the camera pointed on him as he mirrors dances moves from the game while wearing an HMD shirt from Viewtiful Joe. And yes, that IS Surfin' Bird you hear at the end of the video.




When did Resident Evil "Jump the Shark"?

All you gamers out there, answer me this. When did Resident Evil "jump the shark"? And by that I mean when did it start getting ridiculous and convoluted to the point that if you miss one game, you're pretty much screwed story wise.

Lordofthenerds88 made this simple yet hilarious video using an audio clip from an episode of 4playerpodcast wherein they try to discuss the exact origin of when Wesker became "Chris Angel".

I've listened to the episode before and it was hilarious. Now it has been immortalized on youtube. Thanks to Lordofthenerds88 for doing this and make sure to leave a comment on his video.


Lordofthenerds88's Youtube Page

4PlayerPodcast's Site