Pick 5: Games that could join the PS4 reveal

Ps4 games The big meeting from Sony is tomorrow and everybody (including me)suspects this is will be a console reveal. For a few minutes, let's just all assume that yes, this is indeed the Playstation 4. Great specs, amazing features, but  the important question is - What games will be available in the future? This I believe is crucial for Sony since there has to be games that we can't wait to play on the new console, and with their horrible presentation with the PS3 reveal, I'm sure they have been waiting for the chance to redeem themselves. Here are possible candidates that might just join the reveal.

Killzone 4


Sony has been trying long and hard in making Killzone the go-to FPS game for PS3 owners and I don't see them stopping anytime soon. FPS is still one of the most famous genre's, so their exclusive FPS franchise should definitely make an appearance to satisfy the shooter-crazed fans. Just please Sony, no more "use the Sixaxis to turn on the valve" gimmicks, please.

Naughty Dog game reveal - Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, maybe Crash Bandicoot?

naughty-dog-logo-600x300Okay, maybe Crash Bandicoot was a bit too much, but one can only hope right?

Naughty Dog; Makers of the Uncharted series, Jak and Daxter series, and currently working on their new game The Last of Us, might just make a game reveal during the meeting. They have become an important part of PlayStation's exclusive title line-up thanks to the success of the many titles in the PS3. It might be a sequel to their old franchises, maybe even another new IP is planned, but I'm positive Sony has asked Naughty Dog to start working on something big.

The Last Guardian


Ah, a game that has been in development for how many years now? The latest entry from Team Ico (Shadow of Colossus, Ico) has been in development limbo for most of the PS3 's lifespan. With a new console now entering the market, it doesn't make much sense anymore for it to hit the PS3. My guess is - They stopped any development news and updates to upgrade the game to next-gen. Let's just all hope that if it does hit the PS4, it actually gets released once and for all.

Another new game from Quantic Dream 


Yes, I know Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) is currently working on Beyond: Two Souls, but David Cage talked to Game Industry saying that there are three more games planned after Beyond and is already in development. My bet is that one of those games will be used as a tech demo for the PS4, then later revealed as a full title exclusive to the new console. David Cage always talks about innovation, and the power of story-telling in video games, so it's a perfect opportunity to showcase something during this week's meeting.



Every console has their "cool" features. PS3 had the sixaxis, and later got the PlayStation Move. The next console will be no exception. LittleBigPlanet as a franchise has been a success for Sony, and with it being appealing to all ages, a new LittleBigPlanet game would be an ideal place to showcase the new features of the console, be it motion control or touch screen features. And to be honest, I think Sackboy is a perfect mascot for PlayStation.

There are still a lot of possible candidates to join the reveal like a new Gran Turismo, or a ne Infamous game, but what about you? What would you like to see get revealed alongside next PlayStation console?

The big 2013 Sony meeting is happening tomorrow at 6PM PST (6AM in the Philippines)and I'm pretty hyped for what they have planned for everybody. You can the event live here on Twitch.tv. We'll be updating our Facebook and Twitter  accounts for any updates regarding the reveal.