Recent Buys: Episode 21 - Asura's Revengeance


Even though I've been out of commision for about a week due to computer problems but that hasn't stopped the video game purchases. This iteration of 'Recent Buys' is a bit crazier than usual, not just because of the intense anime violence in the new games I got but because of the fact that I got so much stuff in such a short amount of time.

Starting off with the videogames. I pre-ordered Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on the day before release because I only found out about the pre-order that very same day. I've been asking the people in Datablitz about it constantly but all they've ever told me was that there were no pre-orders for it and that you could get a poster if you get the game early on it's release day. Apparently the pre-order only started the weekend before release, giving you only 4 days to pre-order. Datablitz pre-ordering system gripes aside, I did get the game, a poster and 2 costume DLC codes codes. One of the costumes being the Metal Gear Solid Grey Fox Cyborg Ninja skin and the Commando Armor which is the same Revengeance body but with a jungle camo pattern.

MGR_Revengeance_Poster Next up for the videogames is the rage filled, multi-armed (literally) Asura's Wrath. When this game first came out, I believe it went for 1800php and as much as I wanted to play the game, I thought that the price was way to high for what little content the game actually has. Right now, it's going for half the price at Datablitz which I think is a fantastic deal. I might get the Street Fighter IV DLC for this game but most likely after I beat the main story and if the game does leave me craving for more "surface of the Moon" fights.

Now on to something that I don't usually get, gaming accessories. Both of the items that I got were purely impulse buys. Well, impulse buys that I contemplated about purchasing which lead to repeated trips to Datablitz before convincing myself to buying them. Yes, I don't handle money well. First of is my first ever gaming headset. I mean I've bought headsets and headphones before but none with the words "gaming headset" on the box. This is the Dragon War Garand 4-in-1 Professional Gaming Headset. 4-in-1 because the box says that it works on PS3, Xbox360, PC and Wii. The whole 4-in-1 thing didn't really catch my attention as I just wanted a USB headset for my PS3 and PC. what did catch my attention was it's unique connectors. The headset has 2 RCA audio male input jacks which have female RCA audio inputs behind them. It's a little hard to picture because it's something that I've never seen before but once you see it, you'll get it. I got this headset from Datablitz for 1590php (cash) and offers 5.1 surround sound.

Garand_02 This last one I got purely out of curiosity and bought just because I had a bit of money on me. It is the Gioteck AC-1 Ammoclip Ultra Slim Charging Station for PS3 (quite a mouthfull to say). Basically it's a PS3 controller charging base that, when folded up, looks like a steelbook case for a PS3 game. Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

AmmoClip That's it for this episode of my Recent Buys. Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my hauls. You can tell us about your hauls in the comments section. Who knows when the next Recent Buys post will happen but there are a lot of games coming out so it'll probably happen sooner than you think.