BioShock: Infinite "Lamb of Columbia" Trailer

BioshockInfinitelizbook Irrational Games released today a new trailer for BioShock: Infinite called Lamb of Columbia. In the floating city of Columbia, there's a lot of mystery - The city's history, the people who live there, the civil war in Columbia, that damn songbird we keep seeing, and more importantly, Elizabeth. 

Together with the release of the new trailer, Irrational Games announced that BioShock: Infinite has finally gone gold. It's finally done, and all that's left to do is mass production of the final product. It's been in development for five years, and I just can't wait to experience the world of this new BioShock game.

BioShock: Infinite is out on March 26 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.