[UPDATE] Sony meeting 2013 - Playstation 4 announced

PS4-header The Sony PlayStation meeting is now over and the PlayStation 4 is now officially announced. All the details and game reveals below. 

Opening the PlayStation Meeting, they instantly announce the PlayStation 4. I was hoping for a  new name, but I'll take it. What's great about this presentation is that they explained the features and specs of the new console quick and simple, then went straight to the games.

The PlayStation 4 specs and features

The PS4 features a supercharged PC architecture, with a x86 architecture CPU, an enhanced PC GPU, and 8GB of GDDR5 system memory (PS3 currently has only 512 MB of system RAM, a big leap). This all means that the PS4 can make nearly two teraflops of computations a second. These specs make developers fell less constricted when developing their games for the PS4, Sony says.

The PlayStation 4's specs provide the ability to play any game while you're downloading. So updating your game via patch, or downloading new DLC can now happen in the background while playing. Sleep state is now also available - You can turn off the PS4 and resume where you left off. The power of the PS4 was shown with a real-time demonstration of Epic Game's Unreal Engine 4.

Another feature for the PlayStation 4 is remote play - Allowing players to transfer the game currently played on your HD TV, into your PS Vita. This was demonstrated when introducing their first official title for the PlayStation 4 - Knack. They haven't confirmed if this feature can be used on all games.

DualShock 4 controller revealed

PS4 controller

After they announced the PlayStation 4, they reveal the controller. Similar design to the traditional PlayStation controller with added features:

Touchpad: The Dual Shock controller has a touchpad in between the d-pad and the face buttons. They haven't added much detail on it, but it's strongly familiar to the back touchpad seen in the PS Vita.

The Share button: A lot of rumors mentioned about Sony adding a share button, and they were spot on. The added button gives the player the ability to share any moment during a game session to your friends with a press of a button. A video clip, a screenshot, even the ability to ask a friend within PSN to take control of your controller via his own PS4, and to help you in a difficult part in a game. This feature is thanks to Gaikai joining the PS4.

LED and motion tracker: The LED found above the controller has a built-in motion tracker which has somewhat similar functions if you compare it with the PS Move. The LED can illuminate various colors to either differentiate characters and players during a game, or add extra info like if you have taken damage.

Analog Sticks: A bit of a change in looks. The analog sticks now have rims around its edges which I'm guessing is done to get a better grip of the stick with your thumb. The gap between both sticks seems to be wider as well.

Triggers: For the Dual Shock 4, the annoying and, at times, slippery R2 triggers, has been changed. Instead of the R2 triggers being convex, it's more straight making it easier to press or hold. L1 and R1 triggers are more rounded as well.

The Dual Shock 4 controller is said to be faster and stronger. The options button is now also location on the upper right of the touchpad, with the share button on the opposite side.  The controller has a built-in mono speaker and sixaxis motion sensor system. Less latency and enhanced rumble. Of course, we'll only know if this new controller is more responsive if we actually get to hold it in our hand.

After all of the talk about the PlayStation 4, they went on with the games. have a look at everything that was shown, plus other reveals:


Killzone: Shadowfall


 inFAMOUS: Second Son 

The Witness 

 Deep Down (working title)

Deep Down is Capcom's new IP for the Playstation 4. Together with the new IP announcement, they also revealed their new engine called the Panta Rhei. Deep Down will be the first game to use this engine on the PS4, and it really shows. I think this is the most graphically appealing reveal during this press conference.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft's new IP Watch Dogs is confirmed as a next-gen title. During the announcement, a new demo was shown giving a bigger idea on the game's sandbox gameplay.

New Game engine from Quantic Dream

Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) went on stage but sadly did not reveal a new game. What they did show is a new game engine running on the PlayStation 4 showing the emotions that are now possible thanks to the console. A real-time demo shows an old man reacting to the light, showing a lot of the new facial animation.

Media Molecule reveals new PS4 design tool using the PS Move

Media Molecule didn't show the next littleBigPlanet, but they did showcase what's possible with the new PS4 design tool together with the PS Move. they showed examples of digital shapes being sculpted using the PS Move, and also giving users the ability to animate a scene using the Move.

Square Enix working on new Final Fantasy for PS4, wait for E3 they say

Square took center stage and showed the Agni's Philosophy tech demo being played in real-time using the PS4. Square's new game engine - Luminous, is definitely next-gen software and will be used for future games. Square also announced that a new Final fantasy is in development and we should stay tuned on this year's E3.

Bungie's Destiny coming to the PS4, even on PS3 

Bungie revealed that their recently announced title Destiny will be hitting the PS4. They also revealed that the online shooter will be available for the PS3 as well. A trailer was played showing new gameplay footage.

Blizzard partners with Sony. brings Diablo 3 to the PS4

One of the most surprising reveal during the event was Blizzard partnering with Sony. Diablo 3 will be the first to get affected by this partnership since the action RPG is now heading to the PlayStation 3 and 4. No date given, but expect console news from Blizzard from now on.

PlayStation 4 coming this holiday 2013

At the end of the presentation, Sony reveals that the PS4 will be available this holiday. No price was given. Even the console wasn't shown yet. It looks like Sony is not throwing all their cards on the table just yet. But I'm positive we'll have a look at the console and a price announcement during this year's E3, which is coming this June.