Weekend, what are you playing?

meh Happy weekend guys! After almost a solid week of me (Migoy) not being able to play any real video games, this weekend felt like it took forever to arrive. I'm glad that it's finally here and bummed that it's almost over but enough about that, what are you playing?

Migoy: Put in Soul Calibur V to try to get some online matches in but I had a difficult time finding matches so after around 2 fights (against the same guy) I decided to just go into quick match and grind my player level up so that I can unlock Algol. Then my cousin walks in because his class ended early so we fought a few scrubby versus matches. After that, Grand Theft Auto IV got some love from me and spent almost 2 hours on that. Tried out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 free multiplayer thing on steam this weekend and it's ok, it works. Encountered a few hackers in game so yeah.. online on PC is fun.

Quash: Multiple games for this weekend - Some League of Legends there, a bit of Kingdoms of Amalur, Mass Effect 3 demo, oh and some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 free multiplayer thanks to Steam. I think I'm going to head out either today or tom to pre-order Mass Effect 3.