New Far Cry 3 video showing new gameplay

Far Cry 3 After the release of a new trailer for Far Cry 3, more gameplay footage shows up. The video is around 5 minutes long and gives you an idea on what a normal mission would look like. You know, you against tons of psycho's, a bit of rappelling, and more shooting right after.  

While the new trailer got me all hyped for the third installment, this gameplay video leaves me confused on whats new to the table when it releases this year. But from the looks of it, the core concept in Far Cry 3 seems to be just like the last game, an open world sandbox setting. The game has some fancy stealth mechanic and a leveling system that makes me curious on what you get to improve on.

My only hope is that as you head from mission to mission, going through the world won't come out as a bore. I wasn't pleased with how the second one turned out, but the setting and antagonist of the game gives me hope that this is a game worth any gamer's attention.

[Source: vg247]