Weekend, what are you playing?

gazoongas First week of February, can you believe that we’re already 2 months in the New Year and there are already game releases happening left and right. What are you playing?

Migoy: Spent some more time with Grand Theft Auto IV. Already got safe houses in Algonquin and I can now access all the other islands in Liberty City. Once I beat the main game I’ll go and pick up a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition since it has the main game and both DLC episodes in it and because the copy of GTA4 that I am currently playing with isn’t mine. Also went and picked up Soul Calibur V. That’s right, I got yet another fighting game. Haven’t really played Soul Calibur since Soul Calibur 2 and I gotta say they have done some major improvements since then.

Quash: After coming home exhausted one day, I had this sudden urge to do a second playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Last playthrough was when the game came out back in 2008. Remembering what to do and where to go is a blur since it's been a couple of years, but the boss fights I still remember very well. It's still a great game after how many years.